Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend recap...and then some...

DH and I had a WONDERFUL time with Sammy. Err..I mean at Sammy's concerts. LOL ~ We went with some old friends and met up with some new friends and had a great time. Good food, good laughs, good concerts, good times!
We made it home Sunday and immediately went to a family BBQ because my nephew, Nick is home on leave from Basic Training! It was so great to see him. Man, what a change in him. I had to ask him if those guns were loaded ~ he's totally buff now! He left a boy and came home a man. And I might add...He is now Engaged! He proposed to his high school sweetheart the night he came home. But that's another story! Well, the younger cousins were bored, so they begged and pleaded to walk to the park and hang out, and we relented and let them. So the 3 of them took off (Austin included) and we proceeded to visit and eat. Out of the blue, my cell phone rings and it's my nephew who left with Austin to the park. And all I hear is "Can you come get Austin, he's hurt!"

My worst fear happens. The dreaded phone call. "What?" I say. "What do you mean hurt?" only I realize I am screaming it. I am already running out the door to the car, phone in hand and yelling for DH to grab the car keys and run.

Nephew says "he got hit in the head with a baseball." Family is scrambling wanting to know who is hurt and what is going on. I realize I have no idea where the park is and my brother jumps in the car with us to direct us. My BIL jumps in his car and races off too. We fly to the park and find them standing on the curb waving us down.

Austin is there, crying and holding his head. He has a huge goose-egg on his forehead. I grab him and get him in the car, and we race back to the house. They were playing catch, Austin saw the ball out of the corner of his eye, but couldn't react fast enough to move.

Ice immediately helps bring the swelling down. But Austin keeps saying over and over he wants to go to sleep. He keeps crying and saying he doesn't know why he's crying and can't stop. He starts going into an Asthma attack. Momma's Flight or Fright syndrome kicks in and I am racing around. Family all over wanting to see and worried. I can't get Austin to calm down. I know he's in shock. My little medical knowledge from college is telling me he has a concussion and shock. I immediately start gathering him up and get him to Urgent Care. But they wont see him, head trauma's have to go to ER.

Off we go again. Austin is crying again, saying he doesn't want to go, he's fine. I am sitting in back with him holding the ice. I check his eyes, not glazed over anymore. He stopped shaking. The lump is almost gone. I realize the shock is wearing off. We decide to head home and watch him thru the night and head back if needed. All that kept running through my mind was Natasha Richardson. But I did not want to expose him to the 50 people who thought they had the Swine Flu and were sick dogs waiting to be seen either. So we had to make a call...

Momma's legs took several hours before they stopped shaking, and my pulse to calm down. Hours later I still had that panic feeling. I realize how bad it could have been. How I would move heaven and earth for my son.

This week in school is Star Testing, Mandatory and no absences allowed. Austin insisted on going today. But he did have a headache all day and came home and put ice on it himself. He also took a nap. Still been watching him. I woke him through the night a few times and checked on him. We gave him the memory test. His name, his age, his town...he passed.

So much for coming home from Sammy shows all relaxed and rested...


Kaci said...

Yikes! Glad he's okay! Whew!

Tooj said...

Oh my gosh...your vacay return was like mine!!!! I hope you continue waking him every night, three or four times, just in case...at least until he's 18.