Saturday, May 30, 2009

Emily's play

Yes...we have a future star on our hands. Thursday Emily and all the 2nd grade classes put on a play for all the school and another that evening for all the parents and families. It was adorable.

Now you would have thought we were watching a Broadway show, the way Emily fussed and talked NONSTOP for a week about it. And you would have thought she was the star of the show as you were watching.
I might have mentioned before...that Emily has this thing for music. Singing and dancing to music in fact. I really could not tell you where she gets it from. I mean, it's not like her Mom and Dad go to a lot of Concerts and always have music playing around the house. It's not like we dance around with Emily in our PJ's on a Saturday Morning. What? What's that your saying? We do dance? We do go to Sammy Hagar Concerts like we're Stalkers? Oh...ok then...where were we?

So the play was called Life Cycles. It's about how plant's and critters grow. And the classes were mixed up into groups of Butterflies, Snakes, Fish, Tadpoles, Farmers, Gardener's, Plants and forest animals, and people. And it was a musical, lots of singing. It was very precious.
Can you see her? She is the second row from the right, third person back. Just look for the huge smile and pig tails. It's dark because I was all the way in the back and had to zoom in and flash couldn't reach that far. Sorry.

Remember that part about Emily being the star of the show? Yea...she not only played her part of the Gardner, she played everyone else's parts too. She sang along with each part, danced the parts of each was hilarious. Everyone was commenting how cute she was. And she was having so much fun. She was clueless to the 500 people sitting there watching her. She bounced around and sang her little heart out.

I would of had more pics and video to show, but the vibration of my cell phone going off and DH calling to tell me his truck died (2 months after we paid it off!) and he was waiting for a tow truck pretty much ruined the moment. It turned out to just be a dead battery, thank goodness! He missed the evening play. But we had taken time off work earlier and caught the 2pm play they did for the school kids too, so at least he did get to see it.

And can I please make a suggestion to parents out there. When you are attending a school function, or any function for that matter, and you want to record it for future matters, can you please kindly stand in the back with the other video recording parents and not sit in the seats in front of hundreds of other parents wanting to see their kids perform and hold a video camera straight in the air with both hands and record the WHOLE FREAKIN PLAY while zooming in and out and fussing about and blocking the whole stage viewing area??? Thank you to the several parents who blocked our line of view of our own children just so you could sit on your butts and lazily record your own with no consideration of others. My parents and I finally had to get up and stand on the side just so we could see thanks to you.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest...
Have a great weekend!


Leah said...

sounds like a blast! I'd love to see my Emily get to be in some sort of play or something, but her school doesn't seem to do much of that kind of stuff...

Tooj said...

I would have tapped them on the shoulder and asked them to MOVE IT. LOL Started a parents riot in the audience that would have made the evening news....yeah. That's me. Glad to hear she enjoyed's so great when they get involved.

Kaci said...


Lisa Baldwin said...

I'm with you on this... It makes me so mad when parents do that I mean come on!

Sounds like you have a shining star on your hands!