Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best Mother's Day present EVER...

Nine Years ago ~ I was given the BEST Mother's day gift ever. Can you guess what it was? What's that? A hint you say? Let's walks...and talks...and eats...and sleeps...wears pigtails...calls me mommy...You guessed it! Emily Renee was born on my Mother's Day in 2000.

It was rather inconvenient. You see my Grandma was moving the next day. And we were all going over to pack her up. So Saturday night, I was wrapping Mother's Day gifts for everyone I had bought for, and Holy Cow, what was that??? Contractions started. For a few hours, they were 10 minutes apart and then...NOTHING! Ugh - by now it is 10:30pm so I decided this is seeming a little too real, so I go take a nice, hot, and long bath hoping it would relax my tummy and stop the contractions. I had 4 more days until my C-Section. After my Bath, I realize I am starving as I didn't eat dinner through the contractions. So I go downstairs and make a sandwich. DH and Austin had stayed up playing video games, and Austin fell asleep on the floor in front of the TV. DH was still playing.

So there I am eating my sandwich and water breaks. Well...there's no denying this baby wants into this world. So off we go, and at 6:36am, Emily Renee was born on Mother's day!

She has since had her birthday fall on Mother's Day one other time since then. And the Hospital went around to all the mom's in the L&D rooms and gave us huge bouquets of flowers and balloons. And the Candy Strippers brought stuffed animals. So I was totally making out! ;o) My Mother on the other hand thinks I had both my children for her. You see, Austin was born on her birthday, and Emily on Mother's day. Yes's all about you! ;o)
So today we are celebrating Emily's Birthday and having her party, but Thursday is her actual birthday. She is so excited. It's all she's talked about for days now. And she has been very specific on what she wants for gifts.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Hot Momma's out there!


Leah said...

Happy Birthday Emily! and NO FAIR NO FAIR NO FAIR! I had MY Emily on Mother's Day, and the hospital didn't do a darn thing... We have yet for MY Em's birthday to fall on Mother's Day again, but it's bound to happen at some point. LOL

Hope she has a great day Thursday for her real birthday. and a happy party day today

Kaci said...

Hope she had a great birthday party Cin...Happy Birthday Em.