Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday Quote...

"There is a reason the Windshield is larger than the Rearview Mirror."
Author unknown


Monday, April 23, 2012

Where, oh where, did the time go...

I have let you down my fellow blogger friends. I am so sorry. I have not even had a moment to update my blog in forever much less read any of yours. :( So much has been happening that I don't even know where to begin, so let me just dive right in.

I got to fly back to the East coast to visit my dearest friend over at Ellyphant & Emmykins and hold and cuddle that cutie pa tootie of a baby Girl she had, and spoil my sweetest Elly while there too. I had a great visit catching up and spending some much needed girl time with Kaci, and smothering kisses on babies while I could. I tried my hardest to sneak that bundle into my carry on luggage, but Elly wouldn't have anything to do with it. She busted me. Told me I needed air holes for her and since there were none, I had to leave her. ;)

And while I was out there enjoying my alone time without MY kids or hubby, I did a phone interview and GOT A JOB!!! Go figure, I literally was sitting on the plane taxiing from the runway up to the gate and my phone beeps with a message to call for an interview. I had only been on the ground an hour, did the interview, and got the job! Perfect way to start my Va cay!

So a few days after returning, I started my new job. I work for the #1 Floral Shop in the county, who does the biggest mall in our area's flowers and our state governors flowers. I LOVE IT! I do all the admin work, marketing and books, and am learning so much. It's great to feel so needed again, and also to be learning and getting to know such an awesome bunch of ladies. We all get along, and have the same sense of humor, so it's really more fun then work.

Rugby just finished up for Austin. Which frees me up some, since I'm not cooking now for 50 people every week. Which really didn't turn out as bad as it sounded. And I loved that the boys on both teams always appreciated and loved me for it. They are so awesome! We (JV) lost the season and did not make it to tournaments, but that is because we are a 1st year team with the majority of the players being 1st time players and learning the sport. Our Varsity team went on to place #1 for our Northern Division, and go to the Final Tournament seeding next weekend against all of Northern California. So we wish them luck!

Emily has had quite the tough time the last few months, and we have really had our hands full. Her seizures are rampant right now, and with hormonal puberty flowing, the medicines were causing way too many problems then they were fixing. So with her doctors, we have pulled her off all of them to allow her system to flush them out and calm down. In the meantime, her team of doctors here are sending her to San Francisco to see a specialists at the U.C. hospital there to try and get us some help, as they are at their limits here. She also has been losing allot of weight and her little bones are poking through every where. Her wrists are the size of a 5 yr old. So Friday, she went into surgery to have several procedures done. One was to try and find out if there was a cause for the weight loss. They took about 8 vials of blood, Xrays, Scopes, Cameras, several biopsies and now it's a waiting game for the results. They did find some things that they didn't like, so now we just pray. There are a lot of things going on in her little world right now, and I'm afraid I can not divulge more information then that to protect her privacy as much as I can. But her and us need A LOT of prayers for strength, guidance and love. We are all being tested. Only there can not be a failure this time.

DH has been a blessing to me. He allowed me to leave for a whole week to visit Kaci, and he held the fort down the best he could with the circumstances. And he allows me to cry on his shoulder when it all becomes too much. He understands as no one else can ever, because he is living it with me. He knows when i need space, and he knows when i need hugs. He is my rock.

I pray all has been well with you, my friends. I miss you. Hearing about your lives, your children's accomplishments, and uplifting words. I promise to catch my breath soon and come back to following you. Until then, know my heart is with you all.