Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where has the time gone?

With my computer out of commission, kids home from school, field trips and projects, transitioning at home to DH's being home, it's been a crazy few weeks.

Looking forward to getting away.

My BFF from High School is kidnapping me and my kids! And she got DH to agree to it. I don't know how she did it, but I'm no complaining. So next weekend, us girls are taking off with our kids for Disneyland!!!

They don't know yet. Gonna surprise them.

Load up in the car and's about an 8 hour drive. But if she lets me drive, I'll have us there in 6! No joke, I've made it in 6 before. :o)

You see, I have this thing with this particular mouse. Must be the big ears. But I'm in love! So I tend to wanna get there ASAP! That, and the less time I'm locked in a car with kids the better. It will be us two and 5 kids!

I can't wait! 4 days on our own!

And the best cousin found out I'm coming, and he's leaving town and needs a house we don't have to pay for a hotel!!! He's 10 mins. from D-land! And 10 mins. from the Beach!

And he has a pool!!!

Could this get any better? I think not!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have lot's of new pictures to share with you all...and some good stories! And I'd really like to post and share with you. If only I know the whole "hubby STOLE my computer" thing is really getting to me. Each day that passes you realize more things that you need, want or miss that's NOT on this computer but on YOUR computer that someone STOLE.

So until my brother can make a home network for me, I can't share, or post or videos or music, or documents, or, or, or...Wahhhh............


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry I've been absent...

You see, hubby started working from home this last week. So we had to tear the playroom apart and turn it into an office for him. Which required A LOT of work.

We had to install a separate phone line for him, buy a desk, chair, mat, phone, headset, office supplies, new computer...


The new computer does not work with your companies website? But "MY" computer does? So your taking my computer and giving me the new one? Which has NO programs on it? Sure it's WAY faster and cooler. But all my photos, music, emails, programs, documents, videos are now GONE???

Did I mention that I work from home too? And the new computer has no email programs set up on it? Nor does it have other features I need. Spent ALL weekend trying to get it so I can work from it. UGH!

I am SO not a happy camper right now!

I hate change! I want MY computer back, with all my stuff on it. *stomping feet*

OK, i feel better now.

So I've been absent from blogging since I didn't even have my blogging website BECAUSE IT WAS ON THE OTHER COMPUTER!

Did I mention how I am SO not happy right now?

You see, my job just requires a computer and once in awhile a phone call from boss. Hubbies job is on the phone all day with customers. So now that he's home, we have to TIP-TOE around. It's summer, the kids are out of school and HOME ALL DAY LONG! The poor dog now is confined to upstairs so he wont bark, the house phone has been turned to silent so now i don't know when i get a call, and i can't even do LAUNDRY during the day now!!!

Today was my day off, so to "help" him work in a quiet house, i took the kids to a water park in the next town over for 3+ hours and sat in the 90+ weather and ROASTED my butt off for him! It's free, and i let the kids each bring a friend, and packed up a cooler with cold treats and snacks and I brought a good book to read while they played.

But i sweated. And kids whined. And they were bored. And they wanted to eat real food. They wanted to leave. They wanted, wanted, wanted...

And I was SO not happy!

We walk in the door back home and i asked hubby if he was glad i took them away for so long so he could work...and he has the nerve to wasn't long enough!

He's sleeping on the couch tonight...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last day of School...

Right after Austin's Graduation Ceremonies were over, I headed over to Emily's School for the last day activities. Which is really signing Yearbooks all day, Playing games, water play, and lunch. So I got there in time for the recess/lunch part.
So I headed on out to the blacktop to have recess with Emily. And found her and her BFF hanging out in the shade. As soon as they saw me it was squeals all around. But it was when they saw the camera that they suddenly turned into a movie scene and started singing/dancing for me. So of course I had to oblige.

They were so cute! I remember doing these with my friends growing up.
"Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around...teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground." Good times!
Emily giving her teacher her gift...

After we had lunch. Which NOW i see why her lunch always came home full! They literally had 8 minutes to eat!!! 8 minutes!!! Who in the heck can eat a whole lunch in that time?? By the time they find a spot to sit, open the lunch bag, tear open wrappers and stick a straw in their juice packs, the bell rang to get in line. Emily literally got one bite of her sandwich and gulped her juice down and throw it out and lunch was over! INSANE. The rest of her lunch came home. Forget about buying hot lunch. Emily's BFF had hot lunch. By the time she got thru the line to get her food, she had just sat down next to us when the bell rang. She literally didn't eat anything but open her milk! She had brought with her an empty lunch sack, and I watched her stick all her hot lunch in it and take it home. Smart...but makes you made that they have to do this and not even get to eat it! Ugh...
Anyways...Emily had a blast in 3rd grade and is really excited about 4th grade. Now your considered "upper classman" at Elementary school. LOL.

Good Times!

P.S. I have tried for hours to upload video of the girls on Blogger and I keep getting an error! I'll try another day...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8th Grade Graduation...

Well, technically they call it "8th grade Promotion". Apparently some parents got their pants in a bunch because they said it took away from the specialness and unique ceremony you go through from High School. Whatever! It's freaking Graduation! You are leaving one school for another...just like High School for College.

Where was I? Oh yes, so Austin graduated and believe it or not, I held my tears! My eyes got really watery, but I'm blaming the pollen for that and that's my story! ;o)
That's Austin in the Maroon shirt and tie.

He looked so handsome that morning. They all dressed up and he even put his contacts on for the special day. Watching them walk down the aisle, be still my heart, was very emotional.
They stood up and turned to "Thank the parent's" for getting them this far. The girl on the right looking at me and smiling is my BFF's daughter.

They did a great job with speakers, awards and presentations. And then cut to the chase of handing out the "certificates" to the grads. Austin HATES having his picture taken by ME! So he refused to look at me...little brat! So thankfully there was a professional photographer there and I bought one of theirs where he was looking at the camera for THEM.
Accepting his Certificate from his Favorite Math Teacher.
Posing for the Prof. Photographer...

My very bestest friend that I went to high school with, daughter goes to school with Austin. So we made them stand together for a picture. Funny. These two have known each since birth, been to each others birthdays, holidays, BBQ's, swimming, you name, they've done it. But THIS YEAR...hormones kicked in. For both. And now they want nothing to do with each other, especially in front of US, parentals. You would have thought we stabbed them with metal forks and tortured them for hours to get that picture.
Austin already ripped his tie off and untucked, but it's still a nice pic...

Maybe it has something to do with my comment of "oh just smile, we've already planned your wedding to each other and the in-laws are getting together every holiday whether your there or not" right before i clicked the pic. :o)

After the ceremony, we took Austin to his favorite Ice Cream Parlor for the biggest sundae you've ever seen!

That night, one of his friends had a BBQ/swim party at his house and invited the entire 8th Grade! Austin was so excited, this was his first boy/girl party. And it was a "swim party", which meant girls in bikini's!

I really have no idea where this girl crazy behavior came from. It literally happened overnight. I'll have to explain that deeper in another post, where I might need counseling after the fact.

So when I dropped him off, I went inside to meet the parents and make sure an adult was going to be present and you would have thought I was showing Austin's naked baby pictures around from how embarrassed he was. There must have been over 20 girls there and just as many guys. The party was going from 6pm - to whenever...but since it was a weeknight/worknight, i told Austin 10pm...

He had a blast! He told me all about the "digits" he got from girls and how fun it was.

I'm glad he ended the year with a positive spin. I hope this helps him start off High School on a good note.

Now...if only I could turn back the clock...

Where have I been?

Let's see...8th grad graduation happened, end of school year activities begin, Summer break came around, moving rooms around in the home to create an office, LIFE! Need I say more?

I will work on getting Grad pics up soon...I promise!

P.S. Congrats to TOOJE for the birth of her beautiful Baby Girl!!! Her 3 big brothers are in for a shock I am sure having a Girl in the house!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have you met my baby...

You see this adorable face. This face that a mother went through 2 months of Preterm Labor and bed rest, 17 hours of Labor, delivered him 6 weeks early after he slithered out sideways (shoulders in my spine) and spent 7 days in the NICU.
This is the face of a First Born Baby Boy whom the parents waited MONTHS to get pregnant with and then almost lost him.

The face of a baby that endured 6 months of Colic and tested every ounce of strength his parents had to not strangle themselves or the said baby out of pure exhaustion.

This same baby who never gave up on life. Who fought hard to be here, who loves bear hugs and mommas tickles with her nails brushing his soft skin. Who called Pepsi, "Sepi", when he was a toddler. This little boy loved to giggle and still does. He loves hard and gets hurt even harder. He is honest, sincere and adores his little sister.
He helps her with homework, takes her for walks around the neighborhood, plays toys with her, calls her friends on the phone for her when she's to shy too. He colors in her books for her, plays DS games with her, makes her bed for her and loves to spoil her with his own money.

He hugs his Momma allot, sends her text messages saying "I love you" and nothing else, cleans house or mows the lawn "just cause" and cooks dinner randomly for the family.
He helps Dad without being told, plays Baseball or Soccer with all his heart and soul to make him proud and runs to share his day with him at the end of a long day.

He loves his puppy dog unconditionally and kisses him nonstop. He walks, feeds, & plays with him without being told. He takes naps with him curled up in a ball, loves to run in the door from school and jump on the floor for the dog to jump and kiss him before even a "Hi" to his mom. He tells anyone who listens that he can't imagine life before his dog came into it.
This baby boy of mine is graduating 8th grade today. A pretty big milestone in life. One of many "firsts" he will endure and one of many "firsts" his momma will cry at. For you see, this baby of mine, inherited my strength and a big heart. He will endure and survive through anything life has to offer him. But that big heart will also cause him much pain and grief, as well as joy and happiness.

Every day, week, month and year that goes by, I become prouder of the young man he is becoming. And although he will have many hurdles he will need to jump over in life, I know he will be alright. He has God walking with him, his families Love inside him, and an inner Strength like no other.
Austin, I love you more now, then the day you came into this world. The joy and love you have given me and allowed me to share with you outweigh anything else. You are a Handsome, young man who will blossom and grow in these next few years of High School. And although they may be tough at times, you will make lifelong friends there, who will ground you and guide you through it. Enjoy these years, for they go all too fast. Be wise and safe in your decisions that may affect your future. Live today for tomorrow may not come. And live it fully. Live with no Regrets. Take every opportunity by the horns and run with it. Laugh often, take lots of pictures, go to every football game, play every sport and DANCE. Be true to your friends but most importantly, be true to yourself. May your dreams reach for the clouds, but your feet remain on the ground. And remember, I will always be your #1 fan.
I love you more then I could ever show,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can I just say...

10lbs BABY!!!!

I hit the mark on Sunday Morning and I am so EXCITED! I woke up and hit the gym each morning, sore, tired and my body hating every minute of it. Eating my Nutrisystem every day and finding inventive ways to spice up the flavor and enhance it. And when it becomes too much, getting creative with fruits/veggies and protein so I can eat a "normal" meal every few days to break up the diet. So far it is working.

10lbs in 3 weeks!

At this rate, only 9 more weeks I will hit my goal!!!


P.S. The other day my son heard me tell someone I had lost 10 lbs...he looked at me funny and said "10lbs? you did mom?" I was waiting for some smart alec response when he said "how did you do it?" I said it's all that special food I've been eating and going to the gym. He then asked if he could go to the gym too and work out with me? As he walked away...he says "oh yea, good job mom!"

Totally made my day!