Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have you met my baby...

You see this adorable face. This face that a mother went through 2 months of Preterm Labor and bed rest, 17 hours of Labor, delivered him 6 weeks early after he slithered out sideways (shoulders in my spine) and spent 7 days in the NICU.
This is the face of a First Born Baby Boy whom the parents waited MONTHS to get pregnant with and then almost lost him.

The face of a baby that endured 6 months of Colic and tested every ounce of strength his parents had to not strangle themselves or the said baby out of pure exhaustion.

This same baby who never gave up on life. Who fought hard to be here, who loves bear hugs and mommas tickles with her nails brushing his soft skin. Who called Pepsi, "Sepi", when he was a toddler. This little boy loved to giggle and still does. He loves hard and gets hurt even harder. He is honest, sincere and adores his little sister.
He helps her with homework, takes her for walks around the neighborhood, plays toys with her, calls her friends on the phone for her when she's to shy too. He colors in her books for her, plays DS games with her, makes her bed for her and loves to spoil her with his own money.

He hugs his Momma allot, sends her text messages saying "I love you" and nothing else, cleans house or mows the lawn "just cause" and cooks dinner randomly for the family.
He helps Dad without being told, plays Baseball or Soccer with all his heart and soul to make him proud and runs to share his day with him at the end of a long day.

He loves his puppy dog unconditionally and kisses him nonstop. He walks, feeds, & plays with him without being told. He takes naps with him curled up in a ball, loves to run in the door from school and jump on the floor for the dog to jump and kiss him before even a "Hi" to his mom. He tells anyone who listens that he can't imagine life before his dog came into it.
This baby boy of mine is graduating 8th grade today. A pretty big milestone in life. One of many "firsts" he will endure and one of many "firsts" his momma will cry at. For you see, this baby of mine, inherited my strength and a big heart. He will endure and survive through anything life has to offer him. But that big heart will also cause him much pain and grief, as well as joy and happiness.

Every day, week, month and year that goes by, I become prouder of the young man he is becoming. And although he will have many hurdles he will need to jump over in life, I know he will be alright. He has God walking with him, his families Love inside him, and an inner Strength like no other.
Austin, I love you more now, then the day you came into this world. The joy and love you have given me and allowed me to share with you outweigh anything else. You are a Handsome, young man who will blossom and grow in these next few years of High School. And although they may be tough at times, you will make lifelong friends there, who will ground you and guide you through it. Enjoy these years, for they go all too fast. Be wise and safe in your decisions that may affect your future. Live today for tomorrow may not come. And live it fully. Live with no Regrets. Take every opportunity by the horns and run with it. Laugh often, take lots of pictures, go to every football game, play every sport and DANCE. Be true to your friends but most importantly, be true to yourself. May your dreams reach for the clouds, but your feet remain on the ground. And remember, I will always be your #1 fan.
I love you more then I could ever show,



Leah said...

Crying right along with you! Austin seems like a really neat kid! I loved the bit about him calling Emily's friends for her when she's too shy, and spoiling her with his own money. What a very neat, unselfish young man! I hope my boys turn out like that!!!

Happy 8th grade graduation to Austin!

Stacy said...

Oh man! You made me cry! You are SO blessed and you are such a great Mommy to have raised a great kid like that! What you wrote is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Austin and God Bless you! :)

Kaci said...

Beautiful!!! Austin you are one special young man! We love you over here Awhtin.

Anonymous said...

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MargaritoJ淑珍_Arent0 said...

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Tooj said...

Okay, I read this post...but never commented??? How strange.

Sweet. :) You are a sweet, sweet mother. And I love reading your mommy posts.