Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Garden is in...

Yea...the NONSTOP, POURING and RELENTLESS rain has finally stopped!!! We actually have 5 days of 75+ weather and full sun before the next rain. The first day of Sun, I ran out and got my garden plants. Austin and I tore into the soil getting it ready by shoveling out the old dirt, pulling weeds, mixing in fresh Compost and Soil, and getting the plants ready. Then later that evening, Hubby and I got all the plants in the ground and the trellis fence up to keep the dog out. I'm so excited! Although all this rain, means it will be a very late harvest, if there is one at all. Late rain means a very Humid Summer, and late harvesting. Late harvesting pushes back the production into the heat of summer, and many of the veggies will burn or die. So I'm crossing fingers. This year I planted a few new ones: Red Bell Peppers Yellow Banana Peppers Artichokes Asparagus Yellow Squash Zucchini Better Boy Tomatoes Green Onions White Onions Garlic Chives Garlic I can't wait to make all sorts of yummy goodness when it starts to grow! XOXO

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where has the time gone...

Wow - I apologize - I can not believe it has been a month since I posted anything. How bad am I?

I have been very busy with working 3 part-time jobs, baseball starting and lots and lots of doctors appointments.

Let's see, I have been the sole driver lately and have to take everyone everywhere. Baseball practice, games, church classes, planning and shopping for Emily's First Communion happening in May, planning her Birthday, Working nonstop, house never getting cleaned, laundry always calling my name, running from point A to point B and somehow, in between, breathing!

I promise to post something really worth reading soon. Cross my fingers...