Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The results are in...

Austin has Pitchers arm! Or as they also call it "Little League Arm". He reinjured it Sunday and Xrays today revealed a new injury to the same spot. His MRI says he definitly has little fractures around the growth plate. And his arm is trying to heal itself (because he didn't keep it immbolized like he was suppose to) and growing bone where it's not suppose to be. So it is moderate damage but a step below needing surgery.

So he came home with a cast on! He picked blue...
Problem is - No sports for 12 weeks. We start Soccer in 7 weeks. We are #1 tournament champs and on the same team for 9 years. This season being #10. So if he has to sit out...I don't even want to think about it. Dr. said he will re-evaulate his arm in 6 weeks and let us know if he will let him play soccer. No goalie though. And definitely NO baseball.

The big concern is major damage for the future. I don't want him to have a crippled arm injury from his little league days when he's an adult. But it will be very hard for such a sport oriented kid/family as we are.

It will be a very LONG summer with a cast on...no swimming, no showers, no water balloons, arm sweating and itching in there, and to top it off...it is his dominate arm! I just might need some calgon before this summer is up...

Gotta go...

Sorry - no time to post...gotta run Austin to his Drs. to findout the MRI results and a possible cast on his arm. He threw it out again on Sunday...sigh...I'll post this afternoon...I promise!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday Humor...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Question time...

I just love my Blogger Friends...and I wanna know more. So I am going to start a game as you will. I will ask a question (I will try and do this daily, but it may be randomly) of something we can all learn from you, and I will also post my answer to it. If there is something you would like to know about me or a question you want me to post, leave me a comment with it on there. I can't wait to read all the different answers...Play along with me and we will all find something out that is new.

*How did you meet your significant other?

I met my DH back in 1991. I was a Senior in High School (he is older then me) and it was Senior Cut day which was 2 days before Graduation. A carload of us girls went to the local lake to hang out and party. We had been there a few hours and suddenly a couple of boats pulled up and beached next to us. They were full of all guys. Cute guys. And we wanted a ride on the boats, so we flirted like crazy and not one of them would come over to talk to us. So when a few of them started playing Frisbee and it landed over by me, I grabbed it and refused to throw it back until they came to talk to us. Well, they did, and we talked for hours. We never got that boat ride, but DH managed to get my Phone Number from my cousin and called me a few days later. We went on a double date and have been inseparable ever since. And it turns out, one of the boats was his! So I did get a ride in the end! LOL

Now...start fessing up...I wanna hear your story!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Did you hear that I get to watch my Cousin's Baby one day a week? And that said Baby is only 3 months old? And that I finally get my baby fix? And that I will have to fight my daughter to get to hold him? :o)

My Cousin brought him over last night and Emily did not leave her side. She followed that baby wherever he went. And even when the neighbor came to play with Emily outside, Emily declares "No, My baby cousin is here" and refused to go out and play until he had left. It was pretty cute, but watch out chicky...cuz this momma needs her baby time too! LOL

I found out the secret. Yep...there's a parenting secret that our parents used on us...and I found it out by accident. Should I share it? I don't want it to ruin what I have going. Because I got it good right now. ;o) Ok...you ready?

We don't let our kids play on the computer or video games every day for all day long. The play time is really monitored around here. We prefer they play outside or socialize. So the games are more of a reward when they do get to play them. And we don't buy them games every day. When they do something great like a good report card, or a Home Run Hit in Baseball, then they get to buy a game. So again, it's earned. Well...Austin has figured out that if he runs around the house and does chores without being asked, and even chores not on his list, and then asks to play games, Mom will say yes! Whohoo! I get chores done without a fight AND he cleans his room, his bathroom, does his laundry, walks the dog and plays with his sister all for just one hour of play time!!! (imagine my doing a flip in the air) Yesterday...he even vacuumed the upstairs!! I know! Can you believe it? I could totally get use to this.

Summer School started this week! Yea! Summer school is awesome...no Homework like regular school days, they are half days instead of full day, and it breaks up the long summer break for them. Another reason why I love Summer School, it separates my kiddos for a few hours. And they actually look forward to seeing each other now when school is over. So it's been quiet in the mornings now. And that makes Momma happy!

Did someone turn up the thermostat? I mean really? We had perfect 80 degree weather last week with a nice breeze blowing, and now? 98 degrees!!! Insane! It's so hot the A/C is kicking on at 7am! Ugh....

Monday, June 22, 2009

It is time for...

Hello! Time to unabashedly share with the world what a perfect person I am by letting you know all of the things that I did or didn't do this past week. I will invite you all to join me at the end of this post! So, with almost full disclosure, I present to you, my week:

*I secretly had much pleasure in making DH's Father's day gift all last week. Each day as he left for work, I would haul out my Scrapbooking supplies and work on a Mini Card Album and put it all away each afternoon before he got home. Two days it took and finally...the result was awesome! (I will post pics soon)

*I have been following the Jon & Kate + 8 story for days now. I have been hooked on that show since day one. And I have been on pins and needles hoping it wouldn't end the way it seemed to be going...and Monday night it crashed landed. The announcement! Whaa...

*I am very excited and pleased with Emily for learning how to ride her bike this weekend! It was so exciting to see her riding her bike all by herself this weekend and the huge smile on her face that never left. At bedtime her begging to go back out in the morning. Awesome!

*I may have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house when Austin left to Grandmas for the night and we had alone time with Emily. She rented a video game (she never gets too because brother gets them all) and Daddy played with her all night. It was great listening to her singing to the Hannah Montana songs from the game.

*And when I got home from scrapbooking club late Saturday night and my boy was waiting for me at the garage door, I absolutely felt my heart light up seeing that grin and feel those arms around me.

*And I may or may not have felt excitement and pleasure in waking the kids on Fathers Day and letting them take Daddy their presents and seeing Daddy's face when he opened them.

*And I did feel an extra ounce of pride and comfort in knowing how very lucky we are to have this family, through thick or thin.

*I did enjoy myself at the family BBQ at my parents house for Fathers Day and love spending time with all the families. Love makes the world go round!

*I may not have been ready for Monday to roll around, but was glad it did at the end of the day when I realized how much I got accomplished! Weeded my garden, planted some more veggies, fertilized, playroom cleaned and organized, threw out a ton of TRASH from the said room, fed everyone and had time to play!

*I just may have been more excited then Emily that summer school started today. The nice break of separating fighting children gives me 4 hours to get stuff done every day now.

*I may have eaten a half bag of sunflower seeds Monday Night watching "My Bloody Valentine". I have never seen it, not a big fan of scary movies. But DH insisted we watch it and well...it really wasn't all that.

*And Last but not Least - I really am having a hard time with my son going into 8th grade and being eye to eye with me in height now. I think I will cry the day his voice starts to change.

Now that I have told on myself, I invite you to join in the fun and indulge in some secrets that you may or may not have done this past week...

Monday Humor...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy, Happy Day...

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome, Amazing Fathers out there that spend time with their families and cherish every day!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

Ok - So Blogger did not like me today and would not post my scheduled post!!! So it is now up and a little late for the "Friday Quote" - So I will leave it up for Saturday too! Enjoy...

Life is a Dream - Realize it.
Life is Love - Enjoy it.
Life is a Song - Sing it.
Life is an Adventure - Dare it.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

It happened already...

It's official! It is Day #6 that my Children have been out of school and they have already hit the "I'm so BORED" stage and fighting like cats and dogs! *sigh* I really thought I would of had more time before they hit this stage. I was PRAYING that I would get a few more weeks out of them before it hit. I'm off today, so I'm going to try and get them out of the house for awhile. It's suppose to be 96 degrees out, so maybe a picnic to the water park.

The kids and I took Toby to the Dog Park last night. He was so cute. It was like a kid on Christmas morning. We took him once before, but he was still young and really scared the whole time. He wouldn't leave our side the whole visit and would run away from other dogs. This time...we couldn't get him to come to us. He was running after every FEMALE dog he could find. It was so funny. He got a pretty big crush on this white dog (He's all black with a little brown, so it was like Salt & Pepper). And when she left with her owner, he just walked around totally lost and feeling sad. He then walked to the gate to get out (which was on the other side of the park from us) and just sat in front of it looking out. So we took the cue and left. Totally adorable!

The dog park is in the same parking lot as the Baseball fields we play at. And it was pretty sad to look across and see the fields and not see the lights on, stands crowded with families, friends we've known for years, and kids we've watch grow. The fields and snack bar area were dark and dismal with the absence of kids. My heart really was breaking...even when Austin pipes up and says well...wont be going back there again. *waahhh...cry....* Just kick your momma while she's down Austin, way to go!

Well, Father's Day is this weekend. We're having a big Family BBQ at my parents house. Still have to finalize DH's gift tomorrow, its almost done. What are your plans for Father's Day?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is on your mind...

I have had many thoughts wandering through my head lately. Random thoughts with no real purpose on what is happening at the moment. Is it the spring like weather that is affecting me? Or the I just want a vacation attitude I've been in? I'm not sure...Here are some of my passing thoughts:

*I wonder if that camping trip will ever happen I've been trying to plan for 6 months. Every weekend I try for, something comes up. And where would we go? Someplace knew but have to drive a lot further to get there or the same old ones we've been too? Should I fight DH on borrowing my parents trailer (he hates borrowing peeps stuff) or just tent it? Should I invite families to come? Which families?

*Summer break and kids. I bought plenty of kid friendly foods and snack items to last a few weeks. Now they are home, I have to feed them lunch and snacks and drinks galore! The "I'm so bored" will be here soon. I want to plan some day trips to get them out of the house when I can. But they fight like cats and dogs most days and I really don't want my energy zapped by dealing with them on my own. hmmm...

*Clean House. Need I say more. I have many pet projects I have been wanting to do around the house. Like cleaning and clearing my mountain of junk mail, bills, school work, coupons and misc. stuff from my counter. Cleaning my closet out and throwing out any winter clothes I did not wear and make room for my new summer clothes. WIPE out Emily's room and start over. Gawd for such a little girl she can make a mess. For years now I have promised to paint her room. I've got to do it this summer...before you know, she's graduating from high school. (insert sarcasm)

*Do you ever need or want something for your home that you just can't bring yourself to spend money on? But it drives you nuts every time you see or use it and realize you need to bite the bullet and do it. Well, I did! We have had Hand-me-down silverware ever since we moved in together. It's all mismatched. Every one of them. Some came from my grandma. Some from my mom. Some from DH's bachelor days. And some we picked up from gawd knows where. There were fine pieces. They did the job. But I would cringe every time company came over. So I bought last week a new set for 12...and can I just say...WHY in the H.E.L.L. does it cost so much??? O-M-G! No wonder I never bought them before. Now I have a box with my old set in it and the box will probably sit there another 6 months. *sigh*

*Sheets are another thing. I will use a pair of sheets, holes and all until you can see through them. Not because I'm thrifty. Nope. I just plain don't think about it until that point. When I'm at a store...I don't remember sheets. Don't even go to that side of the store. So I did. And thanks to my dear friend, Stacey, who went and told me about how NICE and COMFORTABLE the 600ct sheets are and it's worth every friggin dime and they last forever...I am hooked. I broke down last year and bought one set. (One was all I could afford without taking out a loan) and I love them! So last week, I needed to buy another set. I couldn't afford the same ones, so I went with the 500 ct. Still very nice. I highly recommend getting one set. You will fall in love. But be prepared...it's expensive.

*Mismatched PJ's. Do you have this problem at your house? I buy them as a set. For me, for the kids...so why is it when it's time for bed, the matching top or bottom is no where to be found??? It's not just the kids problem. Mine too have disappeared. I'm at a loss...anyone? Drives me nuts to see them dressed in mismatched PJ's. DH tells me no one sees them so who cares...but what if there was a fire and we have to run out of the house in the middle of the night and all our neighbors and cute fireman see me in mismatched Jammie's! I'd be mortified! Seriously...WTH?

*How in the world can one little 11lb puppy with hardly any hair SHED so much hair???? I sweep the hardwood, and two days later it's everywhere again. You pick him up, and your clothes are covered in it. We bathe him weekly, and I have had Austin start brushing him. But seriously! I hate dog or cat hair. Ugh....

*Why do my children play so nicely with other children but fight and say mean things to each other? Drives me insane. Why can't they play together? Be best friends? Any siblings I know this has been a problem. Why when they are being "MADE" is there not a gene that has not been invented that could be shot into there so they come out loving each other? Really? We can invent genes for blue eyes, blond hair, but not a "nice" gene???

Ok - That's enough for one day. And just think...All this went through my mind at the same time and in one day!!! Multi-thinking at once. What's the saying...women think with both sides of their brains and men only use one? Hmmm...

What's running through your mind these days?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is Time for...

You should know this part by now...I decide whether to tell on myself or not. To Cleanse my soul as you will. It can be liberating..so join along in the fun.

*I may have enjoyed myself at Bunco last week. I dropped out of my Bunco group in December. I have been a member for 10 years in the same group. But with my family needing my attention and focus, I had to make a choice. I had a chance to sub for someone and after 6 months of being gone, realized how much fun I have.

*I may have let a sigh of relief escape my lips driving home Friday night from work and realizing I had NO PLANS to race home too and my Saturday FREE!

*I did not feel any guilt in sleeping in on that said Saturday.

*Nor did I feel any when I napped Saturday afternoon.

*DH and I got to watch all our NetFlix movies this weekend and watch several during the FREE HBO weekend.

*I did however enjoy hearing my kiddos playing outside with neighbor kids giggling and laughing and running in and out all day.

*Sunday was exciting to look forward too after a relaxing Saturday. We had Austin's Baseball Trophy/Swim party with a Potluck of yummy foods.

*I did get a little misty eye when realizing at said party that it may be our last one. Depending on Austin's arm results and his will to play again...

*I secretly will be disappointed if Austin does not play again. I get such joy out of watching him play and supporting him 100% and cheering for all his accomplishments.

*I absolutely did not eat a cupcake at the party that was decorated as Grass and then lick the frosting off all my fingers. Nope!

*I love the feeling of washing my car and the joy it brings me to drive around in it then.

*Afterwards, I plopped into a lawn chair and watched my kiddos playing up and down the street and marvel that they always congregate in our driveway. And giggling inside as they played with water balloons.

*I did however really enjoy myself with my family on Monday. DH was off and we took the kiddos to lunch out and Mini Golf and Indy Cars.

*I was mad at myself that I had forgotten my camera tho!

*And I am feeling very sad that Ellyphant's 5th Birthday is coming up and I am not there to celebrate with Ms. Elly.

*Am taking a few moments this evening to sit quietly in the backyard in our Zen garden and reflecting on our weekend. And realizing how very lucky I am to have this special family.

*Am wishing someone who has grown lettuce before could tell me why my lettuce is growing flowers out the middle? They don't look big enough to pull yet???

*I just may have to google that to find an answer...

Can you tell on yourself? Play along!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Humor...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The last day of School...

The last day is so much fun. I loved the last day. Didn't you? It's a Free Fun Day. Your at school...here's the kicker...you don't have to LEARN!!! LOL - sit around, laughing and being silly, signing yearbooks, getting phone numbers promising to "hang out" over the summer (but rarely followed through) and wearing shoes you would normally not be allowed to wear to school. I'm a Flip Flop person. And usually during the school year, you can not wear them. A note comes home that says "Please wear appropriate shoes that can be worn for PE", so out goes Flip Flops. But on the last day of school...what are they gonna do? Send you home? LOL - plus, there's no more PE to worry about!

Thursday was the kids last day of school. I picked Austin up from school as he gets out an hour before Emily, and we headed over to her school. We hung out in her classroom and got to participate in silly games and visiting with her classmates and teacher. Sadly, her teacher is not returning next year. She is moving to a different Junior High to teach 6th grade. Do you all call it "Junior High" or "Middle School"? Where I grew up, it has always been Junior High. But here...they all call it Middle School. I have the hardest time correcting myself. ugh...
Good Ole "Duck, Duck, Goose" - Do you see Emily? She's running in the blue shirt.

So the kids had a great time, and I got some class pics for her teacher for her last class at the elementary school. It was a bittersweet moment for her I'm sure. Sad to leave one school, but excited over a new challenge.
The last day of 2nd Grade...

Austin was very happy to learn that his 5th grade teacher who had moved to the same "Junior High" he moved too is going to be teaching 8th grade next year, and he just so happens to be...shhh...dont say it too loud...an 8th grader too. So he is crossing his fingers that he gets her. I am too, I really liked her.
Emily and Her Teacher on the last day...

After school, we went out for Ice Cream at Cold Stone. Do you have them? It's where they make heavenly concoctions on a cold slate of marble and you drool the whole time your eating it. We never go, it's not cheap, so it was a great treat for them to end the school year.

Now please excuse me...I need to go cry in a corner somewhere and try to come to reason that I now have an 8th grader...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

Thoughts become Words,
Words become Action,
Action becomes Habits,
Habits become Character,
Character is Everything!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Send Help...

Today is the Last Day of School!!!

There is good and bad to this...So lets see:
*I can sleep in and not have to get up to carpool kids to school.
*Kids at School means I have quiet time to work from home on computer.
*Working from home means kids now home when I am.
*Kids home while I am working = not much work done?
*Kids sleeping in means less cranky kids!
*Kids sleeping a lot means bored kids.
*Bored kids means whining.
*Whining means fights.
*Fights mean trouble.
*Trouble means time away from working.

*Kids home while I am working means Cuddles.
*Cuddles means kisses.
*Kisses means hugs.
*Hugs energize to finish work.
*Work gets completed.
*Boss Happy.

I have always worked Full time since my babies were born. And other then having a month or two off here and there over the years for medical reason, I have never been able to be HOME with them. It has been my dream. So this is my first summer of being able to be here 90% of the week with them. They are much older now then when I first pictured myself being able to stay home with them, but at least they are independent now. And some would say these are the important years to be home, as a pre-teen needs to know a parent is there and KNOWS everything!
I am having a hard time realizing my Baby Boy I fought so hard for is now going to be an 8th grader. Seriously - where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were visiting our tiny bundle of joy in the NICU and praying he would come home soon and be alright. And Emily...a 3rd Grader??? She reminds me every day as she is so excited! There was once a day we thought she may never go to school.

I am very proud of my kiddos - and am looking forward to spending some time with them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can I NOW worry???

Phone Call this morning went something like this:

Caller: Is this Austin's Mom?
Me: Yes it is
Caller: I'm from Dr. so & so's office and I'm calling about Austin's Orthopedic Appointment with us for his arm.
Me: (heart skipping a beat) Yes? I already made my appt. yesterday.
Caller: Yes I am aware we have an appt. set for 2 weeks, but the Ortho Dr. reviewed your son's case and saw his Xrays, and he would like to see your son right away. Can you come in this week?
Me: (Gulp) Umm..yes...
Caller: The Dr. will be in the office on Thursday, can you come in?
Me: (heart now pounding) Umm...yes...No...Wait...that's the last day of school. You see they sign Yearbooks and have a party...can we do another day.
Caller: (pause) The Dr. would like to see your son this week.
Me: (mind mentally flipping thru our schedule) And he does not have any other days or times open?
Caller: No, we'll see you Thursday! Good Bye

Ok - He "reviewed" his file and NOW wants to see him right away???

Can I now be WORRIED????

It is time for...

*I may have banged my head and sang my heart out in my car when no one was looking as I listened to the new Chickenfoot CD on my lunch hour.

*I did not wish the school carnival would get over faster so I could get home and start our party!

*And I just may have cringed inside and rolled my eyes when I saw my children come around the corner of the school carrying mile high snow cones covered in Red, Purple and Orange syrup just as we were leaving and taking it in my car!

*I may have also drank a lot...

*But I did not have a hangover...

*I was disappointed that Austin did not get to play in his game on Saturday because of his arm.

*I do love my child with endless devotion and love, but if I hear one more time about the AG doll and the doll fairy I am going to scream.

*I was feeling sentimental Sunday at my nieces Graduation Party as I realized that they are now the age I wish I was.

*And I may have been upset with myself as I took Austin to the Doctors Monday for his arm, and the said Doctor gave me "the look" and asked why I waited so long to bring him in??? When I explained I thought it was muscular and there was nothing that could be done, I was then told it was more serious and needed prompt attention. Can you say "Bad Mom"?

*And I am definitely bummed for Austin and myself that he could not finish out the Baseball season, our first time ever in 9 years...and he will have to sit out the Tournament week.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Humor...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry I missed a post...Did you miss me?

Remember I mentioned I was having a Chickenfoot Party on Friday?? Well, it turned out a success! We had such a good time! We had some fairly new friends come up from the bay area and stay with us, and our other friends came and kids joined us as well. We had good music playing (Chickenfoot of course), good food (Chicken Kabobs), and good friends (Chickenheads). We stayed up until 1:30am, and I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults. We played some pool, kids played Wii, we watched the Tonight Show with Conan and saw Chickenfoot on it. Thanks to all the friends who came and made it so fun!

Yesterday we enjoyed the day with our house company, and then ran off to Austin's last baseball game of the season. Sadly he did not get to play due to his arm still being hurt. I think I'll take him to the Doctor on Monday. Coach thinks it could be a fracture in his growth plate. Which does not sound so good. 3 other Pitchers this season have done that to their arms right in the elbow. So I don't want any permanent damage done, so we'll get it checked out. Tuesday is our fist game of the tournament week. Coaches are hoping Austin is better by then. They need him. Cross your fingers.

So Emily has been wanting an American Girl doll for some time. She has one that is the baby, but she wants one that is older and has hair. Why does she want one? Because her Best Friend/Neighbor wants one. Girls I tell you. Well, Friday at the party, the girls came up with this story that if they took Emily's AG magazine and cut out the dolls they wanted and put them in bags that a fairy would come while they slept and get the bags and go make their dolls for them. Then they would wake up and their dolls would be there. Yep...you can see how this turned out, can't you?

Emily screamed with delight when she woke up and her bag was gone. Emily of course not realizing that while we were cleaning the house up after the party before bed, Daddy threw the bag out. So it has been screams and crying and arguing all weekend about that doll and bag.
Emily: YES there is a fairy bringing my doll, Melissa said so!
Mom: Honey, there is no doll fairy.
Emily: YES there is mom...scream, cry, stomp feet
Dad: Emily I threw out your bag, not a fairy.
Emily: NO you didn't, I'm getting an AG doll tomorrow, the fairy is making it.

And it has gone on and on and on...this morning she came and asked if the fairy would bring her magazine pics back with her doll...*sigh*

We're off to my Nieces & adopted Nephews Graduation party today!
Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

"We don't have to wait for the storm to pass, we need to learn to dance in the rain."

Author Unknown

So go out there and DANCE!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thoughts...

So today is my day off, and I have a million and one things to do today. We have house guests coming tomorrow, a Chickenfoot party we are hosting Friday Evening, a School Carnival at Emily's school we have to work at Friday, Austin's last Baseball Game Saturday and I have a crap load of food to prepare.

So pardon me if I am rambling a little today.

So tomorrow is the release date of the new Chickenfoot CD, and they are also appearing on The Tonight Show with Conan. So DH came up with the idea to have a Chickenfoot party. Listen to the new CD, make some Chicken Kabobs, and watch Chickenfoot on the Tonight Show. So we have two families coming over and playing some pool and relaxing. Do you see the "Chicken" theme? LOL - It will be fun. But I work a full day Friday, run Austin to Baseball, Run Emily to her school Carnival Friday and work a booth, run home and greet people and cook. I will be dead by Saturday. ha ha

Emily is super excited about school ending. She can't stop talking about all these end of the year parties, class parties, carnival, 3rd grade next year, which teacher she's going to get, which classroom will she be in, does summer school mean your in third grade already? Who will take me next year, When do I go back to Adventure Club, Can we move to a new house? O-M-G...that girl has been talking nonstop. Today her class is having some kind of McDonald's party (I haven't seen anything come home from school saying so, but she SWEARS up and down it is happening today), she has a field trip tomorrow, Tuesday is their Water Day (water balloons, water relay races), Wednesday is Yearbooks and Thursday is the "Last Day" which is also a Minimum Day. So it's a pretty packed week for her. I remember being in school. The last week is a waste of teaching time. Don't even try teachers. We all have Summer-it is and our thoughts are to all the last hanging out we can do, gabbing nonstop, hyped attitude like you wouldn't believe and planning sleep overs all summer. I love that week.

Austin on the other hand...could really care less. Is it a boy vs. girl thing? Are there boys out there that get excited about the end of the year/summer here? Austin has never been a "I can't wait for Summer" kind of kid. He's very nonchalant about it. He's very glad to be out of school, but that's it. No Homework, that's his motto. He has his class field trip Tuesday. They are going to a Huge Water Park in town. Water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, you name it, they got it. His school is great. They have Homework points they have to earn and Behavior points all year. And if the kids earn enough, then they get to go on this End Of the Year Field trip. 6th graders get to go Bowling and have Pizza. 7th Graders go to the Water Park, and 8th Graders get to go to the Six Flags Amusement Park that is 1-1/2 hours away. So it's a great incentive for them to be good and do their homework.

I, on the other hand, am on the fence about summer. This is the first summer I am working from home. WHICH means I have two kids home full time with me, WHILE I am trying to work. WHICH means I will have to find something to entertain them for 7 weeks!!! Help, anyone?

But I am excited about Summer being here. Trying to plan a few camping trips, a cabin at the lake trip, road trip, so that always gets me jazzed too.

Now, where did I put that Calgon?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation Time...

Another one bit the dust...that makes two down and 6 more to go!
My Niece, Stephanie, Graduated from High School last night. Which also happens to be my old Alma Mater. Yep...I graduated from the same High School my Niece and Nephew have. What's really scary...is that there are still a few of the same teachers there. Eek!

It was a great ceremony, and she looked lovely! Of course!
We are so proud of you, Stephanie!

I am so going to miss her this summer. She is going to Florida for the 6 weeks to see relatives and hang out. It's great for her, but she better come home! ;o)
My Brother and Sis-n-Law also have a foster child with them, and he also graduated last night with Stephanie. They actually are best friends, and have been all through high school. And when a situation came up and he needed a place to live, they took him in willingly! He's a great kid. And worked his butt off to graduate with his class. Way to go, David!

I'm not going to say how many years it's been since I graduated from that school, nor will I acknowledge that it has been that long. But it sure seems like yesterday and I miss the good times we had. Thanks to Facebook, I've reconnected with a lot of friends from there.

Have you connected with your High School Friends?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It is time for...

This is the part where I totally throw myself under the bus and confess to all my wordly sins for the past week, which I may or may not have said or done. Come along and play with me...

*I will confess to really, truly hating to clean house. But it feels so good when it's done.

*I did have so much fun with my nephews this weekend, and realized how quiet my house is with only 2 kids in it versus 4. Is it wrong to like that?

*I absolutely did not bake Chocolate Brownies with icing on Saturday night at 10pm for all the kids, and proceed to cut myself a piece and divulge myself in it.

*During Austin's Baseball game on Saturday night, when he injured himself and had to be pulled from pitching with tears streaming down his face, I just may have felt the need to climb the chain link fence to get to my baby and find out what was wrong and make it better. But the little boy's voice in my head rolling his eyes saying "MOM - get out of here!" stopped me.

*But i did ask the coach through the fence if he was alright.

*And when that same BIG boy came to me this weekend with another migraine and tears in his eyes, I DID tuck him into my bed and bring him medicine and shoosh all the kids away from him so he could take a nap to sleep it off.

*I am amazed at how close Emily and her cousin are (even tho he's a boy) and how much fun they have together. I love hearing the giggles from them.

*Sunday we took all the kids to a local Water Park and let them run through all the water toys and run some energy off, and I may or may not of had thoughts that life was so unfair that we did not have these parks growing up and I wanted to run through them too!

*And I did not climb into bed after the nephews left Sunday and take a nap. Nope...not I!

*After the kids left for school Monday, I had all the windows open with a nice breeze blowing, and I did not at all relish in the quietness of the house with the birds chirping.

*And I may have felt sadness when I realized there are only 2 games left of Baseball and then one week of Tourneys and we are done.

*And I am secretly hoping Austin will come back next year and play again because I so enjoy watching him play. He feels he is too old now and just wants to come back to Umpire.

*I am feeling slightly anxious about Soccer starting up. We will have a new coach this year, and well...it will be different.

*I have really enjoyed spending time with DH this weekend. He helped me so much all weekend and made me laugh.

*And I may or may not be Super Excited about this Friday's release date of the new Chickenfoot CD!!! So much so that I am going into work late so I can stop and buy it before they are sold out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Humor...