Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry I missed a post...Did you miss me?

Remember I mentioned I was having a Chickenfoot Party on Friday?? Well, it turned out a success! We had such a good time! We had some fairly new friends come up from the bay area and stay with us, and our other friends came and kids joined us as well. We had good music playing (Chickenfoot of course), good food (Chicken Kabobs), and good friends (Chickenheads). We stayed up until 1:30am, and I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults. We played some pool, kids played Wii, we watched the Tonight Show with Conan and saw Chickenfoot on it. Thanks to all the friends who came and made it so fun!

Yesterday we enjoyed the day with our house company, and then ran off to Austin's last baseball game of the season. Sadly he did not get to play due to his arm still being hurt. I think I'll take him to the Doctor on Monday. Coach thinks it could be a fracture in his growth plate. Which does not sound so good. 3 other Pitchers this season have done that to their arms right in the elbow. So I don't want any permanent damage done, so we'll get it checked out. Tuesday is our fist game of the tournament week. Coaches are hoping Austin is better by then. They need him. Cross your fingers.

So Emily has been wanting an American Girl doll for some time. She has one that is the baby, but she wants one that is older and has hair. Why does she want one? Because her Best Friend/Neighbor wants one. Girls I tell you. Well, Friday at the party, the girls came up with this story that if they took Emily's AG magazine and cut out the dolls they wanted and put them in bags that a fairy would come while they slept and get the bags and go make their dolls for them. Then they would wake up and their dolls would be there. can see how this turned out, can't you?

Emily screamed with delight when she woke up and her bag was gone. Emily of course not realizing that while we were cleaning the house up after the party before bed, Daddy threw the bag out. So it has been screams and crying and arguing all weekend about that doll and bag.
Emily: YES there is a fairy bringing my doll, Melissa said so!
Mom: Honey, there is no doll fairy.
Emily: YES there is mom...scream, cry, stomp feet
Dad: Emily I threw out your bag, not a fairy.
Emily: NO you didn't, I'm getting an AG doll tomorrow, the fairy is making it.

And it has gone on and on and on...this morning she came and asked if the fairy would bring her magazine pics back with her doll...*sigh*

We're off to my Nieces & adopted Nephews Graduation party today!
Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


Kaci said...

Poor Em! Mean Mommy not getting her a dolly. LOL! :) XOXO

Tooj said...

Okay, caught up now on the arm thing. That stinks. Just happened due to "use"? No actually impact injury or anything?