Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Did you hear that I get to watch my Cousin's Baby one day a week? And that said Baby is only 3 months old? And that I finally get my baby fix? And that I will have to fight my daughter to get to hold him? :o)

My Cousin brought him over last night and Emily did not leave her side. She followed that baby wherever he went. And even when the neighbor came to play with Emily outside, Emily declares "No, My baby cousin is here" and refused to go out and play until he had left. It was pretty cute, but watch out chicky...cuz this momma needs her baby time too! LOL

I found out the secret. Yep...there's a parenting secret that our parents used on us...and I found it out by accident. Should I share it? I don't want it to ruin what I have going. Because I got it good right now. ;o) ready?

We don't let our kids play on the computer or video games every day for all day long. The play time is really monitored around here. We prefer they play outside or socialize. So the games are more of a reward when they do get to play them. And we don't buy them games every day. When they do something great like a good report card, or a Home Run Hit in Baseball, then they get to buy a game. So again, it's earned. Well...Austin has figured out that if he runs around the house and does chores without being asked, and even chores not on his list, and then asks to play games, Mom will say yes! Whohoo! I get chores done without a fight AND he cleans his room, his bathroom, does his laundry, walks the dog and plays with his sister all for just one hour of play time!!! (imagine my doing a flip in the air) Yesterday...he even vacuumed the upstairs!! I know! Can you believe it? I could totally get use to this.

Summer School started this week! Yea! Summer school is Homework like regular school days, they are half days instead of full day, and it breaks up the long summer break for them. Another reason why I love Summer School, it separates my kiddos for a few hours. And they actually look forward to seeing each other now when school is over. So it's been quiet in the mornings now. And that makes Momma happy!

Did someone turn up the thermostat? I mean really? We had perfect 80 degree weather last week with a nice breeze blowing, and now? 98 degrees!!! Insane! It's so hot the A/C is kicking on at 7am! Ugh....


Tooj said...

You've surely been practicing that "limited game time" rule for awhile, right? I'm so mean, I think my kids get excited if they get an hour a week. LOL The 11 year old had to get weaned from games when he came to live with us, so I knew early on in my parenting days, before my own baby was old enough to play them, that I would be limiting and monitoring it HEAVILY. :) Hope you had a good day! Happy Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

IT has been warm, I agree but I love it and welcome it!

Kaci said...

It's supposed to be 90 here today!! YEEEEEEEEEHAW! Although that'll make for a not so fun run. Ugh...treadmill time.

So jealous of a 3 month old...dammit Jon I need another baby. :)