Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is Time for...

You should know this part by now...I decide whether to tell on myself or not. To Cleanse my soul as you will. It can be liberating..so join along in the fun.

*I may have enjoyed myself at Bunco last week. I dropped out of my Bunco group in December. I have been a member for 10 years in the same group. But with my family needing my attention and focus, I had to make a choice. I had a chance to sub for someone and after 6 months of being gone, realized how much fun I have.

*I may have let a sigh of relief escape my lips driving home Friday night from work and realizing I had NO PLANS to race home too and my Saturday FREE!

*I did not feel any guilt in sleeping in on that said Saturday.

*Nor did I feel any when I napped Saturday afternoon.

*DH and I got to watch all our NetFlix movies this weekend and watch several during the FREE HBO weekend.

*I did however enjoy hearing my kiddos playing outside with neighbor kids giggling and laughing and running in and out all day.

*Sunday was exciting to look forward too after a relaxing Saturday. We had Austin's Baseball Trophy/Swim party with a Potluck of yummy foods.

*I did get a little misty eye when realizing at said party that it may be our last one. Depending on Austin's arm results and his will to play again...

*I secretly will be disappointed if Austin does not play again. I get such joy out of watching him play and supporting him 100% and cheering for all his accomplishments.

*I absolutely did not eat a cupcake at the party that was decorated as Grass and then lick the frosting off all my fingers. Nope!

*I love the feeling of washing my car and the joy it brings me to drive around in it then.

*Afterwards, I plopped into a lawn chair and watched my kiddos playing up and down the street and marvel that they always congregate in our driveway. And giggling inside as they played with water balloons.

*I did however really enjoy myself with my family on Monday. DH was off and we took the kiddos to lunch out and Mini Golf and Indy Cars.

*I was mad at myself that I had forgotten my camera tho!

*And I am feeling very sad that Ellyphant's 5th Birthday is coming up and I am not there to celebrate with Ms. Elly.

*Am taking a few moments this evening to sit quietly in the backyard in our Zen garden and reflecting on our weekend. And realizing how very lucky I am to have this special family.

*Am wishing someone who has grown lettuce before could tell me why my lettuce is growing flowers out the middle? They don't look big enough to pull yet???

*I just may have to google that to find an answer...

Can you tell on yourself? Play along!


Lisa Baldwin said...

I love the list sounds like a great week... I hope everything turns out ok with your sons arm I'll keep him in my prayers!

Kaci said...

We'll miss you too! :)

Tooj said...

:) It's like reading a walk through your day...or weekend. THanks for sharing! (and psssst - what IS this bunco? I have some girlfriends that play it as well, in their town.)