Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is on your mind...

I have had many thoughts wandering through my head lately. Random thoughts with no real purpose on what is happening at the moment. Is it the spring like weather that is affecting me? Or the I just want a vacation attitude I've been in? I'm not sure...Here are some of my passing thoughts:

*I wonder if that camping trip will ever happen I've been trying to plan for 6 months. Every weekend I try for, something comes up. And where would we go? Someplace knew but have to drive a lot further to get there or the same old ones we've been too? Should I fight DH on borrowing my parents trailer (he hates borrowing peeps stuff) or just tent it? Should I invite families to come? Which families?

*Summer break and kids. I bought plenty of kid friendly foods and snack items to last a few weeks. Now they are home, I have to feed them lunch and snacks and drinks galore! The "I'm so bored" will be here soon. I want to plan some day trips to get them out of the house when I can. But they fight like cats and dogs most days and I really don't want my energy zapped by dealing with them on my own. hmmm...

*Clean House. Need I say more. I have many pet projects I have been wanting to do around the house. Like cleaning and clearing my mountain of junk mail, bills, school work, coupons and misc. stuff from my counter. Cleaning my closet out and throwing out any winter clothes I did not wear and make room for my new summer clothes. WIPE out Emily's room and start over. Gawd for such a little girl she can make a mess. For years now I have promised to paint her room. I've got to do it this summer...before you know, she's graduating from high school. (insert sarcasm)

*Do you ever need or want something for your home that you just can't bring yourself to spend money on? But it drives you nuts every time you see or use it and realize you need to bite the bullet and do it. Well, I did! We have had Hand-me-down silverware ever since we moved in together. It's all mismatched. Every one of them. Some came from my grandma. Some from my mom. Some from DH's bachelor days. And some we picked up from gawd knows where. There were fine pieces. They did the job. But I would cringe every time company came over. So I bought last week a new set for 12...and can I just say...WHY in the H.E.L.L. does it cost so much??? O-M-G! No wonder I never bought them before. Now I have a box with my old set in it and the box will probably sit there another 6 months. *sigh*

*Sheets are another thing. I will use a pair of sheets, holes and all until you can see through them. Not because I'm thrifty. Nope. I just plain don't think about it until that point. When I'm at a store...I don't remember sheets. Don't even go to that side of the store. So I did. And thanks to my dear friend, Stacey, who went and told me about how NICE and COMFORTABLE the 600ct sheets are and it's worth every friggin dime and they last forever...I am hooked. I broke down last year and bought one set. (One was all I could afford without taking out a loan) and I love them! So last week, I needed to buy another set. I couldn't afford the same ones, so I went with the 500 ct. Still very nice. I highly recommend getting one set. You will fall in love. But be's expensive.

*Mismatched PJ's. Do you have this problem at your house? I buy them as a set. For me, for the why is it when it's time for bed, the matching top or bottom is no where to be found??? It's not just the kids problem. Mine too have disappeared. I'm at a loss...anyone? Drives me nuts to see them dressed in mismatched PJ's. DH tells me no one sees them so who cares...but what if there was a fire and we have to run out of the house in the middle of the night and all our neighbors and cute fireman see me in mismatched Jammie's! I'd be mortified! Seriously...WTH?

*How in the world can one little 11lb puppy with hardly any hair SHED so much hair???? I sweep the hardwood, and two days later it's everywhere again. You pick him up, and your clothes are covered in it. We bathe him weekly, and I have had Austin start brushing him. But seriously! I hate dog or cat hair. Ugh....

*Why do my children play so nicely with other children but fight and say mean things to each other? Drives me insane. Why can't they play together? Be best friends? Any siblings I know this has been a problem. Why when they are being "MADE" is there not a gene that has not been invented that could be shot into there so they come out loving each other? Really? We can invent genes for blue eyes, blond hair, but not a "nice" gene???

Ok - That's enough for one day. And just think...All this went through my mind at the same time and in one day!!! Multi-thinking at once. What's the saying...women think with both sides of their brains and men only use one? Hmmm...

What's running through your mind these days?


Kaci said...

Why do they call it a blister? Bliss...ter...I see no bliss in a blister. :)

Tooj said...

Well, I'm wondering when the lady over the wall from me will be done picking her teeth. Seriously.

My husband hates to borrow, too. We have to borrow him some crutches and he's already complained.
I need to clean too, and I don't know where to start. So it doesn't get started.
I need sheets as well, but never break down and spend the money. I won't even begin to describe what we're sleeping on.
PJs - mismatched? All the time and I don't give a rat's patooty. LOL The boys end up stripping to their underpants anyhow and the baby...I don't care! I just want them ASLEEP!
:) Happy Hump Day.