Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes the bride...

OK - you thought i was exaggerating, didn't you? You thought I was just a little off my rocker?

There's NO WAY that CLW meant her daughter was dressing to be a "mini bride".

You were wrong.
This precious, adorable, angelic and beautiful sight is my daughter.
We had her First Communion Portraits taken.


When, Oh when, did my little girl grow up so?

Daddy even got misty eyed. (although he won't admit it)

And for any BOYS reading this, Her daddy has a shotgun by the front door, so don't even THINK about knocking on it! ;o)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Babies, Tiara's & Baseball...

My day's have been filled with the cutest little boy ever. I started watching my cousin's little baby boy. Remember 2 years ago, I was watching him for about 6 months when he was a newborn. My kids and I could not get enough of his sweet face. Well, now he just turned 2yrs old, and I started watching him again. He is such a joy with his personality shining through. My kids argue over who's baby he is "Ryder's MY baby", "No, Ryder's MY baby" and then I step in and take him from them and say "No, he's MY baby". hee hee. Emily is also getting ready to make her First Communion at Church. It is a very big step in our Catholic Faith. They are accepting Jesus into their hearts and souls, and acknowledging his presence in the bread (communion) and blood (wine). The girls dress up as mini brides, as they are pledging themselves to God. So I have been crazy busy planning her reception we are hosting and buying her Dress, Tiara, Veil, tights, shoes, gloves, and purse. I am so super excited to see it all on her. She's going to look BEAUTIFUL! Groupon had a coupon off for a local 1hr professional photo session. It was normally a $118.00 package and I got it for $18 (includes sitting fee + 6 sheets). I'm going to dress Emily in all her outfit and take her for pictures! I'm so excited. Then I'll use one of those prints to make her invites! Now if only I had a Groupon for the Reception. Austin started playing Baseball a few weeks ago. He is the oldest on the team, and loving it. Austin has some talent when it comes to sports and he plays with a lot of heart. But he has always lacked the self-confidence he needs to excel and drive forward in the sport. No matter what we do or say, or private lessons we pay for, he just has always had this issue. But this year, I see a change in him. It could be that he is now High School. Or that he played on a high school team, so now Little League is a breeze. Or it could be that being 14-1/2 yrs old, he finally found his mark. Whatever it is, he has been on fire this year! He is playing with such gusto and confidence, that it pours out of him now. Instead of pouting to the car after each game, he's grinning and saying "I played good, what a hit I had, I felt the sweet spot on the bat, what did you think mom?" I hear him encouraging his teammates from the dugout, being the first one out to warm up the pitcher, and assisting the coaches. And it's paying off, he's playing first string all season so far and has played First Base the whole game. His coach has asked him to consider pitching again. I'm so nervous. He really wants to try it, but all I picture is that Blue Cast on his arm for 2 months after he broke his elbow pitching in a game 2 yrs ago. He hasn't pitched since. I'm also nervous because we play on a much larger field now with 90ft bases and the pitchers mound is A LOT farther away. So he would have to throw much harder to get the ball all the way across the home plate. When I express my worries, he tells me not to worry, that he can do it. And I'm sure he can, because playing first base, he has to throw across to third or all the way to home, and he can. But i think it's the mom in me that just doesn't want him hurt again, or his self-confidence he is just getting, to take a major blow if he finds out he can't pitch as good as he use too and they don't let him. This is one of those life lessons that I can only sit back and let him try and learn from. But it doesn't make it any easier on MOM! XOXO

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And life goes on...

or so I hear. When one is sick, hurt, or down, life continues to move on, leaving in it's wake very little sympathy or concern for what it leaves behind. My whole life in the last two weeks has revolved around my daughter. Poor Emily has had Pneumonia so bad, they almost hospitalized her. We are still fighting it. She's been on so many meds, her poor tummy is tore up. there is nothing worse then watching your baby be so sick, and you can't do anything to help. Her fever lingered for 10 days at 105 and she has lost 12 lbs in 8 days. Broke my heart to see her like that. It makes the Mama Bear in me want to come out. Hear me ROAR! XOXO

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Where have I been you ask? Oh where to begin. Austin was sick with Pnuemonia for over a week. I got Bronchitis for over a week and thought I was dying. My lil ones I watch got sick. I got Bronchitis, Sinus Infection and Double Ear Infections AGAIN! Emily now has Pneumonia. The End. P.S. Please send the Poison Control, Hazmat Team and Quarantine tents. XOXO