Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hold on...

I know...I know...3 posts in a row! What is happening? I tell you, I finally got off my butt. Well, not technically since I have to sit on my butt to type this. :o)

Austin's Soccer Game Saturday. Have I whined about it to you yet? Well, this is how it went. It was a 2:30pm game, in the middle of no where (which means we had to park in one area and WALK forever to the field) all the while carrying a 6 person bench seat, a 10x20 Pop up canopy, chairs, ice chests...and keeping an eye out for four kids. Oye!
So there it is, 2:00 pm on the Soccer Field and it's 102 degrees out which with the humidity felt like Florida in October! It was hotter then H-E-L-L (I spelled it instead of saying it so I won't get sent there, and that's double hockey sticks to you). Thankfully DH was still at home so I called him and said "BRING THE MISTER/FAN WHEN YOU COME" cause it was HOT! And yes, I really yelled it like that. I sweating so much my sunglasses slid off my nose. Yea, that shower I waste of time!The boys did amazingly well considering how HOT it was. We subbed them out of the game often to let them rest and drink water. And I squirted them lots with the mister.

We won the game, 3-0. But there was lots of errors on the field due to the heat issue. Can't blame them. You wouldn't find me out there sweating my butt off for "fun". LOL

Way to Go Bears!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time To Tell or Not To Tell...

Hello! Time to unabashedly share with the world what a perfect person I am by letting you know all of the things that I did or didn't do this past week. I will invite you all to join me at the end of this post! So, with almost full disclosure, I present to you, my week:

*I may have wished I was 25 lbs lighter when I ran into a friend from High School. Why can't we all look the same?

*I was extremely relieved that Emily loved her new Sacrament Classes at Church I enrolled her in. With her learning disabilities, you just never know what's going to be a hit and what won't. She will be completing her First Reconcilition this year and her First Communion next year.

*I just may be so eternally grateful for good friends who made Friday's Concert come true for me!

*I do truely believe I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my DH! He Loves me so much and I him!

*I did realize Saturday sitting at Austin's Soccer Game at 2pm in 102 degree weather and suffering from Heat Stroke that I was NOT liking the sport right then!

*I may have come to the conclusion this past week what a Handsome Boy my son is turning into as a teenager and that I Love him so very much!

*I may or may not have taken a nap on Sunday. I'm just sayin...

*And I may or may not be thinking wicked, horrible thoughts at the Season changing and my Sinus' wreaking havoc on my system.

*I am dreaming of laying on a sandy beach somewhere hot with a cabana boy refilling my margarita every hour while I snooze to the sounds of the Ocean waves hitting the shore. I really, really am dreaming it...

Now it's your turn. Feel free to borrow the banner and make your own To Tell Or Not To Tell story...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You just have to go with it...

You Know...sometimes I am certain that God throws bumps in our road to make us slow down, and other times when we need pick me ups, he throws us opportunities. Friday...he threw me one of those!

So...You all know how much of a SAMMY HAGAR freak I am! And right now he is touring with his new "super group" ChickenFoot on a world tour. And you know I just saw them on Labor Day Weekend. And I may or may not have mentioned that they are breaking up after this tour ends this week for a hiatus of sorts. You see, Super group means they are all very famous players on their own or with other bands. So a few of the talent (Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani, Guitar Virtuoso) have other commitments that they need to fulfill. So for the next 1-2 years they are leaving to do that and then hopefully come back as they have already begun recording for album #2. AND did I mention their album went GOLD this month???? Yes, they are that good! :o)
Sammy the RedRocker...

Sooo..where was I? Oh yes. So there was only 3 stops left of this tour and they were done. And that stop was 1-1/2 hours from my house. But finances, jobs, health, sitters, you name it there were reasons not to go. I mean, we did see them on Labor Day.

So I get a call Friday at work that my friends were going, and had an extra ticket. And wanted me to go.'s a work day. I have to work until 5, go home and change, drive 1-1/2 hrs by myself and meet them there at 7 when it starts, get a sitter, oh and did I mention I had my sister's two kids overnight too? So I call DH and I tell him how AMAZING he is and, and, and...can I go Please???? And being that amazing DH he is, he said go for it!
Sammy and Joe solo during songs
So I'm sitting there trying to figure out how to make this happen. I gotta get gas, ATM, change, when my boss walks up to me and says "Let's close the office 30 mins. early today!" Are you kidding me? Is this really happening? Is this just falling in to place?

So I'm off...I do all those errands and am on the road in one hour! Then...I hit construction traffic on the freeway and I'm convinced it was too good to be true and I should just turn around and go home. I call DH and he says "Your committed, go and have a good time". So I say your right and off I go again. Have I told you I like to drive fast? When I'm traveling, I want to get there. Get outta my way and let me go. So I made it there after getting totally lost in this freaking large UC campus. And did I mention that it's on a campus and PARKING SUCKS!!! But my friends found a lot off the path and talked the guy into saving me a spot. And when he heard I was walking in the Breast Cancer Walk-a-thon, he cut my parking in half and told me to donate the rest to the walk! Awesome. And off we went!
Sammy, Michael Anthony and Joe Satriani

My dear friend Mark had scored VIP tickets Row 6 in front of the stage for discount prices! I could not believe I was sitting there in Berkley, in front of Sammy, on a Friday Night after work and that it was all possible! It was amazing!!! It was spectacular! It was history in the making! It just was! I am in awe! Thank you Mark and Michele for making this possible and Thank you Angie for being my "Date" and being you!

Sometimes you just have to be open to the possibilities. I went totally against my norm by agreeing to go. Normally I would have said it's too much work and hassle. But something, something in the back of my head said just let it go and have a good time. And every door opened for me to make it happen. Thank you...

I absolutely needed this to happen, when it happened and just the way it happened. Life has been crazy for me lately and I think someone was telling me it was time to stop and smell the roses. Sammy Style! :o)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

Thanks Leah for letting me "Borrow" this one...and i did wait several months before stealing it! LOL

A Baby will make love stronger
Days shorter,
Nights longer
Bankroll smaller,
Clothes shabbier,
The past forgotten,
And the future worth living for.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did the time go...

Seriously? Where did it go? I mean, one minute I'm on vacation on a horse on a mountain and swimming my hearts content away. The Next? I'm running between Two Schools, Soccer, Gymnastics, Orthodontist, Doctors, Weddings, Concerts, Church meetings and classes, oh...and did I mention that I WORK??

Geesh...I'm sorry Blogger friends. I have neglected my blog. Let it go to the wayside. Dropped the Ball. Weeds grown over, and forgot to water it. But I am here!!! I am Here!!! I am HERE!!!(Feels like Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears a Who!" Movie! If you haven't seen it - it's a must! So cute!

So now you know my life has been crazy.

How has your life been the last few weeks?
What have you done that I missed out on?
What have your families been doing?
Anything exciting?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never say Goodbye...

I am so sad.
Really sad.
Super sad.

My Baby Nephew who thinks he's old enough to go and join the Navy and then get Married leaves in the morning with his High School Sweetheart and new Bride to report back to duty and set up home near his base in West Virginia.
Tonight was the goodbye party and I didn't want to leave. In Fact, I almost didn't. I was the last one to leave. Sorry Brother. I didn't want to say Goodbye.

You see, as long as we had his girlfriend here, we were pretty safe in knowing he would be back to visit to see her. Thus meaning we would see him. But NNNOOO...he goes and marries that cute little thing and is now TAKING her with him!!! *stomping my feet* Which means we will now NOT see him nearly as much as we did before.
I see a Griswald's Road Trip happening...

I'm just saying.

Ok - Maybe it's the whole wedding thing. Maybe it's that I have had to accept he is growing up and not that little boy coming to spend the night and mow my lawn or babysit my kids. Maybe, Just maybe, it's the fact that he is now a MAN and now has a FAMILY of his own. But I am having a REALLY hard time with saying Goodbye this time.

It's letting go of the past, and embracing the future and the man he will be.

I do feel very confident in him that he will be just fine. He will do an excellent job being a husband and provider for Amanda. And I know they will be just fine. And I do love her and welcome her into the family. They are very excited for their future of which they have no idea where it will take them.

I wish them the very best that Life has to offer. But I will still forever hold that little baby boy in my heart and miss him.

I ♥ you both...Best wishes on your new Journey through Life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did someone say Gym...

I snuck my camera into Emily's Gymnastics/Dance class intending to sneak a few pics so I could post them here, and low and behold...It was Parent involvement night!!! Which means The kids ran out and grabbed us and forced us into the gym so they could show us all the neat things they have learned already.
So I had the best opportunity to snap some pics and not be afraid. LOL Practicing her Hand Stand

Emily was very excited to show me the routines they learned as well as dance for us. She loves Tap Dance the best. She has made a little friend and the two of them run to each other and follow each other around in the Gym. It's quite cute.
It was hard getting Dance pics - I had to shoot thru a tinted window and man...those kids move fast when they dance. LOL

I am glad on top of my very hectic schedule, that I still signed her up and made this happen for her. Seeing that huge smile on her face when it's "Gym" night is all worth it. Last week, I didn't even need to remind her to grab her dance shoe bag because she had already gone out and put it in the car. :o)
It's blurry cause they kept moving. LOL

Way to Go Emily, I am very proud of you!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Lordy...I have no idea where the time goes...But I do know that I was gone again all weekend. Back to Lake Tahoe we went (Not that I'm complaining, I can never get enough of that place) but not for a concert this time. I know - Shocking! LOL
The Wedding Ceremony...

Nope...This time it was for my Nephew's Wedding. *Gasp* How in the world did he get old enough to get married, much less join the Navy???
A Kiss for the Camera's...

But I am very proud and happy for them. And they will have quite the journey ahead of them as they move in 3 days to West Virginia so she can be with him where he is stationed and while he is at sea. But after seeing them together, I know...they will be just fine.
Me with My First Born Nephew and his new Bride!

I love you both!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where did the time go...

Oh My Goodness...where have I been? Well, let's see. I've been to 3 concerts in 6 days, working full time and over time, and left town for 2 days. It feels like forever since I've been able to blog! Sorry...hope you didn't miss me too much. ;o) I will get back to checking your blogs and catching up on my blog reading very soon.

So Thursday night I went to the Def Leopard, Poison and Cheap Trick Concert. DH was still not feeling well so my sis-n-law went with me and we sang and danced the night away. Everyone squealed when Brett Michaels came out. I think he is more popular now that his "Rock of Love" reality TV show has been on. He did look good though.
Brett Michaels from Poison

And Def Leopard was AWESOME! They never let you down. It was kinda funny to sit and people watch. What a difference in people attending versus the Nickelback concert. This time everyone had long hair, wore all black, and much more drunk and fighting. I felt like I was transported back in time looking at all the "Big Hair" wannabes.
Def Leopard singing and playing acoustic

Then Labor Day Weekend we traveled to Lake Tahoe and saw Chickenfoot. They are the Supergroup with Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith, Joe Satriani and Michael Anthony. It was awesome. DH made that show, and we had such a good time. We went with a group of friends and had 8 hotel rooms, about 20 of us. We partied on the hotel balcony before hand, rocked on thru the concert (which I discovered if you have enough Tequila in you, makes you brave enough to push through the crowds until your 10 people back from the stage!) and then we ran to Sammy's Cantina and partied there until they came out there and sang/played for a bit. Which I might add I was not feeling anything at this point and shoved my way through 3 fights on the dance floor to get all the way to the front of the stage there! :o) And managed to get some girl to buy me drinks! LOL you gotta work it!
DH and Me at the Concert!
Sammy Hagar Singing to Me! ;o)

Then about 1:30 am, there was about 8 of us left in our group who hadn't turned in yet when we decided that we were pretty hungry because we hadn't eaten dinner and we knew one helluva hangover was waiting for us if we didn't. So we set off walking down the streets of Tahoe to find a place to eat. We walked about 3 blocks and found a Subway and 7-eleven open. So there we are at 2:00 AM eating and being drunk! LOL. We stumbled to our rooms around 3AM.
Good Friends and Good Drinks!

I can not even begin to tell you the last time I relaxed and let loose like that. I had such a good time. I laughed, danced, sang, made new friends, loved old friends, giggled and acted like a fool and loved every minute of it. And Lordy was I drunk.

So here are a few picks we took. A few came out blurry. Not sure if it was because I was drunk and taking pictures or because I was dancing and taking pictures. LOL!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you hear the music...

So last night I got to go to the Nickelback concert! It was so awesome! Saving Abel, Hinder and Papa Roach opened for them. And man...what a show! Now DH and I go to allot of concerts. It's just our thing we do. We don't go to fancy restaurants, and all our spare time is with our kids involved in their sports. So we make a point to do something just for us!
Nickelback taking the stage!

Well, DH hasn't been feeling too well, so he had to cancel on me on short notice. But don't worry...I had the most handsome gentleman escort me and be my date!
My Handsome date, Austin and I at the concert.

Austin has been a huge Nickelback fan for years too. And he worked so hard right next to me and the guys all weekend tearing out our whole front yard planter and redoing it with all new plants and a new tree in 100+ weather. So I asked him if he would like dad's ticket and go with me. And let me say...I have never seen someone grin so fast, so big in all my life. I was going to pay him for his help outside anyways, but this seemed way too cool now.

So off we went. He's been to a Sammy concert with us a few years back. But he was still kinda young to really see/hear/enjoy all of it. He loved Sammy music, but the whole in person thing went right above his head. So this time, he couldn't stop asking questions about what we were going to see and do and go.
Lead Singer, Chad Kroeger singing.

Our tickets included dinner so we grabbed our food and ran to our seats. He couldn't quite absorb it all but did a great job. We sang and danced and had a great time. And the best whining! I got him a poster and it's already hanging on his wall.

Now I just have to gear up for the next concert on Thursday...Def Leopard, Poison and Cheap trick! Should be fun.