Sunday, September 27, 2009

You just have to go with it...

You Know...sometimes I am certain that God throws bumps in our road to make us slow down, and other times when we need pick me ups, he throws us opportunities. Friday...he threw me one of those!

So...You all know how much of a SAMMY HAGAR freak I am! And right now he is touring with his new "super group" ChickenFoot on a world tour. And you know I just saw them on Labor Day Weekend. And I may or may not have mentioned that they are breaking up after this tour ends this week for a hiatus of sorts. You see, Super group means they are all very famous players on their own or with other bands. So a few of the talent (Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani, Guitar Virtuoso) have other commitments that they need to fulfill. So for the next 1-2 years they are leaving to do that and then hopefully come back as they have already begun recording for album #2. AND did I mention their album went GOLD this month???? Yes, they are that good! :o)
Sammy the RedRocker...

Sooo..where was I? Oh yes. So there was only 3 stops left of this tour and they were done. And that stop was 1-1/2 hours from my house. But finances, jobs, health, sitters, you name it there were reasons not to go. I mean, we did see them on Labor Day.

So I get a call Friday at work that my friends were going, and had an extra ticket. And wanted me to go.'s a work day. I have to work until 5, go home and change, drive 1-1/2 hrs by myself and meet them there at 7 when it starts, get a sitter, oh and did I mention I had my sister's two kids overnight too? So I call DH and I tell him how AMAZING he is and, and, and...can I go Please???? And being that amazing DH he is, he said go for it!
Sammy and Joe solo during songs
So I'm sitting there trying to figure out how to make this happen. I gotta get gas, ATM, change, when my boss walks up to me and says "Let's close the office 30 mins. early today!" Are you kidding me? Is this really happening? Is this just falling in to place?

So I'm off...I do all those errands and am on the road in one hour! Then...I hit construction traffic on the freeway and I'm convinced it was too good to be true and I should just turn around and go home. I call DH and he says "Your committed, go and have a good time". So I say your right and off I go again. Have I told you I like to drive fast? When I'm traveling, I want to get there. Get outta my way and let me go. So I made it there after getting totally lost in this freaking large UC campus. And did I mention that it's on a campus and PARKING SUCKS!!! But my friends found a lot off the path and talked the guy into saving me a spot. And when he heard I was walking in the Breast Cancer Walk-a-thon, he cut my parking in half and told me to donate the rest to the walk! Awesome. And off we went!
Sammy, Michael Anthony and Joe Satriani

My dear friend Mark had scored VIP tickets Row 6 in front of the stage for discount prices! I could not believe I was sitting there in Berkley, in front of Sammy, on a Friday Night after work and that it was all possible! It was amazing!!! It was spectacular! It was history in the making! It just was! I am in awe! Thank you Mark and Michele for making this possible and Thank you Angie for being my "Date" and being you!

Sometimes you just have to be open to the possibilities. I went totally against my norm by agreeing to go. Normally I would have said it's too much work and hassle. But something, something in the back of my head said just let it go and have a good time. And every door opened for me to make it happen. Thank you...

I absolutely needed this to happen, when it happened and just the way it happened. Life has been crazy for me lately and I think someone was telling me it was time to stop and smell the roses. Sammy Style! :o)

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Leah said...

Sounds like it was the perfect start to a weekend for you! yay!!