Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hold on...

I know...I know...3 posts in a row! What is happening? I tell you, I finally got off my butt. Well, not technically since I have to sit on my butt to type this. :o)

Austin's Soccer Game Saturday. Have I whined about it to you yet? Well, this is how it went. It was a 2:30pm game, in the middle of no where (which means we had to park in one area and WALK forever to the field) all the while carrying a 6 person bench seat, a 10x20 Pop up canopy, chairs, ice chests...and keeping an eye out for four kids. Oye!
So there it is, 2:00 pm on the Soccer Field and it's 102 degrees out which with the humidity felt like Florida in October! It was hotter then H-E-L-L (I spelled it instead of saying it so I won't get sent there, and that's double hockey sticks to you). Thankfully DH was still at home so I called him and said "BRING THE MISTER/FAN WHEN YOU COME" cause it was HOT! And yes, I really yelled it like that. I sweating so much my sunglasses slid off my nose. Yea, that shower I waste of time!The boys did amazingly well considering how HOT it was. We subbed them out of the game often to let them rest and drink water. And I squirted them lots with the mister.

We won the game, 3-0. But there was lots of errors on the field due to the heat issue. Can't blame them. You wouldn't find me out there sweating my butt off for "fun". LOL

Way to Go Bears!


Tooj said...

I've been having trouble pulling up your comment box here at work for some reason...glad it worked today. :) I'm sorry it's so hot for you right now....but if they boys played and won, I'm sure that made up for some of the sweat. Right? :) Happy Hump Day.

Leah said...

wow sounds miserable. and the pop ups tents are cracking me up! our kids play soccer (well, not MINE, specifically, but people in western WA) in the rain and we stand around with umbrellas. I never had any clue that people came prepared enough in any type of weather to mess with those tents. smart!

Lisa Baldwin said...

I hate the heat to I'm so looking forward to fall and winter! I feel your pain at Alec and Bailey's football games it's so hot you can't even breathe!