Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did the time go...

Seriously? Where did it go? I mean, one minute I'm on vacation on a horse on a mountain and swimming my hearts content away. The Next? I'm running between Two Schools, Soccer, Gymnastics, Orthodontist, Doctors, Weddings, Concerts, Church meetings and classes, oh...and did I mention that I WORK??

Geesh...I'm sorry Blogger friends. I have neglected my blog. Let it go to the wayside. Dropped the Ball. Weeds grown over, and forgot to water it. But I am here!!! I am Here!!! I am HERE!!!(Feels like Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears a Who!" Movie! If you haven't seen it - it's a must! So cute!

So now you know my life has been crazy.

How has your life been the last few weeks?
What have you done that I missed out on?
What have your families been doing?
Anything exciting?



Kaci said...

Life is just peachy.

Lisa Baldwin said...

I completely understand with the kids football practices/games and remodeling the house oh and working 8-5 Monday through Friday. I don't have time to do anything any more let alone blog this is the first I have blogged in a long time. Maybe we can clone ourselves so we will have more time... LOL!

Leah said...

you're not the only one neglecting their blog lately! I sat down at the computer to dust off some cobwebs myself, then had a brain fart and walked off again (okay, so I realized there wasn't enough time to get into it because kids needed food, clothes, rides to the bus stop, I had a chiropractor appt, etc). out late tonight, so I'm not overly optimistic for tomorrow's blog entry at this point. LOL