Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never say Goodbye...

I am so sad.
Really sad.
Super sad.

My Baby Nephew who thinks he's old enough to go and join the Navy and then get Married leaves in the morning with his High School Sweetheart and new Bride to report back to duty and set up home near his base in West Virginia.
Tonight was the goodbye party and I didn't want to leave. In Fact, I almost didn't. I was the last one to leave. Sorry Brother. I didn't want to say Goodbye.

You see, as long as we had his girlfriend here, we were pretty safe in knowing he would be back to visit to see her. Thus meaning we would see him. But NNNOOO...he goes and marries that cute little thing and is now TAKING her with him!!! *stomping my feet* Which means we will now NOT see him nearly as much as we did before.
I see a Griswald's Road Trip happening...

I'm just saying.

Ok - Maybe it's the whole wedding thing. Maybe it's that I have had to accept he is growing up and not that little boy coming to spend the night and mow my lawn or babysit my kids. Maybe, Just maybe, it's the fact that he is now a MAN and now has a FAMILY of his own. But I am having a REALLY hard time with saying Goodbye this time.

It's letting go of the past, and embracing the future and the man he will be.

I do feel very confident in him that he will be just fine. He will do an excellent job being a husband and provider for Amanda. And I know they will be just fine. And I do love her and welcome her into the family. They are very excited for their future of which they have no idea where it will take them.

I wish them the very best that Life has to offer. But I will still forever hold that little baby boy in my heart and miss him.

I ♥ you both...Best wishes on your new Journey through Life.


Kaci said...

The East Coast is calling you Cin... =)

Enjoy your new life! XOXO

Tooj said...

Aaahh, how sweet of you. :) They look very happy with one another. Just another place to go visit. Think of it that way...looks like you already are. Happy Friday.

Leah said...

He's lucky he has such a loving and supportive auntie! I'm not very close with any of my aunts and uncles. most of them wouldn't really care if I left or not! I wish your nephew the best of luck!

Lisa Baldwin said...

That was so beautifully put... I wish them the best of luck!