Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did someone say Gym...

I snuck my camera into Emily's Gymnastics/Dance class intending to sneak a few pics so I could post them here, and low and behold...It was Parent involvement night!!! Which means The kids ran out and grabbed us and forced us into the gym so they could show us all the neat things they have learned already.
So I had the best opportunity to snap some pics and not be afraid. LOL Practicing her Hand Stand

Emily was very excited to show me the routines they learned as well as dance for us. She loves Tap Dance the best. She has made a little friend and the two of them run to each other and follow each other around in the Gym. It's quite cute.
It was hard getting Dance pics - I had to shoot thru a tinted window and man...those kids move fast when they dance. LOL

I am glad on top of my very hectic schedule, that I still signed her up and made this happen for her. Seeing that huge smile on her face when it's "Gym" night is all worth it. Last week, I didn't even need to remind her to grab her dance shoe bag because she had already gone out and put it in the car. :o)
It's blurry cause they kept moving. LOL

Way to Go Emily, I am very proud of you!


Kaci said...

She is such a tall beauty! :) Way to go EM!

Leah said...

She's got such a perfect little dancers body! (do you feed her?? LOL Just kidding) She's gorgeous and Kaci's right, TALL! Glad she's enjoying it. Em's taking tap and ballet this year and so far is LOVING both!