Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twas the Night before school...

Twas the night before school starts and all through the place,
not a smile was seen on any kid's face.
Our bags were all stuffed with our notebooks brand new,
and rulers and pencils with erasers to chew.
Mournfully we all crawled into bed,
knowing too well that the 'good life' was dead.
Then mom came in whistling and kissed us goodnight,
with a bright cheery voice that didn't seem right.
The night dragged on slowlyI just couldn't sleep,
for fear that my math teacher would be a real creep.
Or maybe a bully would give me a shove,
or even more evil things than I could think of.
When from in the next room there arose such a clummer,
my mom yelled, "I'm FREE!"
"I'm free 'til next summer!"
This must be a plot by conspiring moms,
who just want a break to experience 'calm.'
Oh, must I go through it?! How can I go on?
I want to escape, run off to Saigon!
Nine months is too long to suffer through school.
The classes so rough and teachers who're cruel.
"Come Emily! Come Austin!
Come Henry VanStation!
Come up to the board, do your multiplication!"
"And Julie, stop talking! And Jimmy, wake up!
And Mary, right now, don't do your makeup!"
Teachers ever are hounding they just never quit.
You do something wrong, they go into a fit.
And so every year about this same time,
I lie in bed sleepless and just moan and whine.
Until morning comes, and I hear my mom say,
"Good luck with your school and have a nice day!"

Thanks Tanja for letting me "borrow" this!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you like...

Do you like my new look? I can't believe Fall is around the corner and breathing down our necks. I always know it's on the way when Soccer starts. It's our "Fall" sport. We bundle up in blankets and gloves with Hot Chocolate to watch the games on a Windy, freezing Fall day. Football is now on every channel and teams are being picked and cheered for in every house.

School starts in the Fall too. It marks the end of Summer fun, time for learning and buckling down, and it means time for seasons to change. Holidays are around the corner and that means get the winter clothes out and make sure they fit. New Winter coats? New Warm shoes? Winter PJ's?

Fall means leaves on the trees change from Green to Orange and Red before they are blown off and down the street. Fall means Halloween decorations are in the stores and costumes call our name to "Buy Me" for Trick or Treat. Fall also means Thanksgiving. It is another holiday in Browns, Greens, Reds and Oranges. You have Turkeys in real form or decorations, corn cobs, maize, American Indians and Settlers in pictures having the first meal together.

Fall means lots of changes. In day to day routines, seasons, sports, decorations, and school. Fall also means another year is starting and we all get older. It means we have to rake leaves and pull the garden veggies out of the dirt. It means prune the last of the plants for winter and get our homes "Winterized" before the rains come. It means play as long outside as you can because you know it won't last much longer. It means pack away the vacation stuff and pull out the school backpacks. It means the street lights come on sooner and dark-thirty is here before you know it.

But Fall also brings with it a new beginning. A cleansing if you will. It washes away all traces of Heat Waves, Boredom, Water Logged, Dirt and sticky mess. Fall brings the promise of new growth, new beginnings and new hope.

It's not the end of something good, it's the start of something better.

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

So in between 5 trillion doctors appointments a week and School, Work, Soccer, Church classes, Team Mom duties, Bunco, Scrapbooking, Household chores, Babysitting a 5 month old...I decided that we needed to add one more thing to the mix. ha ha ha ha...not really! But poor Emily has been forced to be carted around to her brothers sports practices and games and sits so patiently through it all, that she needed something for her to do.

We tried Soccer, not her thing. We tried Gymnastics and she LOVED it! But she has expressed interest in Cheerleading and Dance as well. So I found a combo class where she can get the best of both worlds. It is an hour class and they start out doing 30 minutes of Gymnastics (woo-pee she's happy!) and then they move into the "Dance" room where they do Tap and Ballet for another 30 minutes.

So tonight was her first class and she LOVED it. We stopped on the way and got her Tap shoes and Ballet slippers and she couldn't wait to put them on and try them out. She was all grins when the time came. She kept waving to me thru the window and did all kinds of flips and attempted to try new things in the gym. And when Dance time came...she could hardly contain herself.

I will have to try and bring my camera in and sneak some pics to post. Although my busy, extremely full calendar is bulging at the seams with things to do, it was important that Emily have her time. So I squeezed it in between Soccer practice and dinner time and arranged for someone to get Austin home so Emily could have her time. And seeing that huge grin on her face for the whole class has made it worth it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why is it...

I cried today. I needed too, felt it coming, knew it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. I was helpless in stopping it. So...I cried. It's funny isn't it? How it can creep up on you. Slowly, sneaking behind you, until it's right on the edge. All it took was one question. Yep. Someone asked me one question and out they came. I couldn't stop them if I wanted too.

I'm really not a cryer. I mean...I can. I cry at the end of sad movies. I cry at funerals of people I hardly knew. But just crying to cry...nope. You know why? I HATE CRYING!

Ugh...I get all stuffed up. My sinus' are a mess afterwards. I have to take a decongestant. My eye make-up is ruined. My nose gets all red. And runny. My eyes get puffy and red. And worse? I get TIRED! Like can't keep eyes open, peel them apart, drop dead right there tired. It never fails...I get a sinus infection every time I cry allot. Did I mention that I hate crying?

So I cried. And my makeup ran. And my nose was a mess. And I couldn't breathe for hours after words because my sinus' were stuffed up. I had to take a decongestant. My nose was red. You get the picture?

And why...please tell matter why you we then try to STOP crying? It's impossible! I know. I have tried. Every trick in the book. To looking at anything other then the reason that is making you cry. To thinking of something else. To drinking something to confuse the senses. To holding my breath so the tears stop. But it doesn't work.

And need I mention how wrong it is to TALK while your crying??? stutter, mumble, start and stop because your trying to stop the tears. You sound like a blubbering idiot. I know I do.

So why does everyone say "a good cry cleanses and makes you feel so much better?" It doesn't. I feel like crap. That A) I cried, B) I lost my backbone, C) Pissed that now I feel like I have a sinus infection and didn't get anything out of it.

What do you look like when you cry? How does it make you feel?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Humor...

Why it's important to be the boss...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Today is Sunday. Normally my favorite day. Saturdays around here are filled with sporting events, errands, family events, chores, cleaning, you name it. But Sundays roll around...and it's usually rest time. We watch movies, rest, finish laundry, church, and sometimes we plan something fun with the kids and get out.

Yesterday was Saturday...wanna know what I did??? Are you sure? Ready to hear it? Get prepared...I took a nap!!!! Yep...for an hour and a half! I had the windows open, a breeze blowing, and I only meant to lay down for a second. Just to gather my thoughts and get motivated. Next thing I know, I was listening to the breeze in the trees and I was super relaxed, and, and...I fell asleep.

And it felt sooooo good! I hope your weekend is going as well.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

Ok - so I didn't make it to the computer to do new blog posts like I promised. I'm sorry. I have a very good reason why. I do. I held a four month old baby (my cousin's baby) all day long. And I covered him in kisses. And I sniffed all the sweet baby smell off him. And I tickled his toes. And I spiked his hair up. And I watched him sleep. So you see...I have a very good reason why I didn't make it to the computer for updates! And I'm sure anyone reading this that is a mom understands. Especially when you know there's no more babies coming from my direction. I have to eat them up when I can. ;o)

So I leave you today with more of a "Thought of the day" then a quote. Hmm...maybe I outta start a post for those too. Happy Friday all...XOXO

"One of the healthiest things you can do, is learn to smile more often!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So Soccer started, and somehow I am the Team Manager again for the 9th year. I swore to myself that I was taking a year off. I'm still not sure what happened. Something about the Coach saying "I can't do it without you" and me saying "sure, ok" and I am.

So Between 3 days a week soccer practice, two nights this week of Back-To-School events and two soccer meetings for us Managers, not to mention the 50+ emails to all the parents, oh and let's not forget my everyday job, life has been a little crazy this week! But who am I kidding, when isn't it? LOL

So I will post something later today - I promise. Well...maybe I better check my schedule before I say that...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last One...

So this is the last Vacation recap. At least for this trip. On the very last day on the ranch, while Austin and I were on our horseback riding trip, Daddy took Emily fishing at the pond.

Now normally, she would not go near anything unpredictable like fish, or animals for that matter. She hates trying something new. She seldom will venture out in an unfamiliar setting to try something. But when it comes to fishing...she loves it! Daddy took her fishing last summer too. And she had a blast. She caught some which they got to eat. We have pictures of her holding it up and smiling ear to ear. Isn't it funny how when you least expect it, these kids surprise us.

So when daddy suggested they go fishing while they wait for us, she jumped at the chance. Plus I think she liked the alone time with Daddy.
Look at her working that fishing pole like a pro!

Now I wasn't there, but DH reports that she had a blast and did it all by herself. And let me tell you...when we came around the end of the trail on the horses, we could hear her screaming all the way across the way "MOMMY...I caught a fish!!!"
Just look at that fish! And you see that brown/red thing hanging above the fish (kinda blurry thing)? That's the worm the poor fish never even got! LOL

And she ran from the pond to the trail to shout up to me..."I caught 10 fish all by myself!" She was just a little proud.

Way to go, Emily, Way to go!!

Monday Humor...


Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

"Sometime's you just have to take the Leap, and Build your Wings on the Way Down."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Someone say Horses...

Our last morning there, Austin and I got up early and headed to the stables. It gets REALLY HOT where we were, so we wanted an early ride. The Ranch owner was already there saddling the horses.
Leaving the barn area and hitting the trails. Doesn't he look so at ease handling that horse?

Austin was riding Willie, and I would ride Clyde. Willie was a Quarter Horse. He was very pretty, but kinda up there in years. He had been on the ranch for like 10 years already and was a good kid horse. Clyde was half Clydesdale. You know the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses? Yep...their HUGE! I've seen them twice in person and petted them. I mean...not big...HUGE! Taller and bigger then a full size truck! And the muscle? OMG...I have never drooled over a horse until I saw them. LOL. So Clyde was half that. So he was a big boy as in sturdy built and had the prominent hairy legs like they do, but he was short.
Ok Clyde, Now we're gonna do this the easy way, got it?

Now let me ask you. Have you ever tried to mount a horse with a full arm cast on? It's not that easy, let me tell ya. Poor Austin was determined and took several tries, but he finally made it up.
That is the owners son holding the reins so Austin could get on.
He looks so good up there. He was so mad at me for making him wear a helmet! LOL - Willie was a very SLOW horse. My horse kept goosing him to make him speed up.

We circled the barn a few times to make sure Austin could handle his horse, and was comfortable with it, and then we hit the trails. It was very pretty to ride along. The ranch was literally on top of a mountain, so the trail ride was on the actual Pacific Coast Highway walking trail and we could view the Sierra Mountains all around us.
We got to ride in front of our cabin to let Emily wave goodbye and see us. Normally you dont. Emily was so excited about feeding and petting the horses, but was terrified to actually ride one, and he took pity on her. So she got to stand on the front porch and wave at us.

Speaking of PCH trail, did you know that people actually hike this trail on foot every year from Canada to Baja, Mexcio??? It takes them 3 months and 3 weeks to do it. Apparently there is this whole online society blog that you sign up to do it, and it's just to say you did! It's not a race, a competition, just to say you survived and walked it. Crazy! We actually saw footprints which were fresh, and camp areas where they stay overnight. I'm sorry...but that's just a little much to cross three countries on foot!

So...during our horse ride, Austin turns around on his horse to look at me and says "Mom, this is the best thing in the whole world! I love horses! Thanks for bringing us here." My heart melted right then and there! You are so welcome my son!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some more Vacation stories...

So where were we? Oh yea, the waterfalls. The waterfalls led to a small river which fed into a large Lake. So after our hike and being all sweaty and icky as we were, we drove down to the lake and played for awhile.
Austin is sitting on Emily's inner tube because of the rocky bottom, but it's too small to fit over his butt, so he kinda just sat on it to keep him afloat.

At this point in the day though, the kids were hot, tired and a wee bit cranky. So really our lake time became Emily standing on the beach shore constantly whining to leave, Austin in the water waist high and complaining because the ground was so rocky it hurt his feet, and DH and I getting wet up to our knees but because of the rocks didn't want to go further out.

A boat just passed and a wave sunk Austin. He flipped on his tube and got soaked up to his neck - pretty funny!

The water was very "refreshing". That's code word for COLD! And there was a lot of boats and jet ski's around making a ton of waves that if you were swimming, you would have been pulled out and pushed much farther down. So we were all a little wary about getting too far out.
These two ninnies wouldn't go in. DH finally did after ribbing him, but never could get Emily in.

But it was nice to sit and enjoy the view and dunk our tired feet for awhile.

So of course, after not being able to swim in the lake, we all drove back to the ranch and swam in the pool for several hours. Kids are so funny. You can stick them in a pool and that's their whole vacation! Their happy, little lambs!

I did get to lay out for about a whole 15 minutes before I had whining children saying "I'm so hungry, I wanna eat, I'm bored, What can we do, MOM...can you hear me? I'm hungry!" just never ends, does it?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Friday, August 7, 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The most beautiful place...

One of the reason's we picked this Ranch to stay at is because it is very close to one of the 8th largest waterfalls in the USA. DH had seen it on a program on TV and has always wanted to go there. And I was a it. I mean, waterfalls are pretty and all, but just not driving 4 hours worth of pretty. I pictured vacation a little more beachy, tropical drinks kind of trip then hiking to a waterfall.

So Saturday morning we set out to see this waterfall. And when you pull into the parking lot of this State Park, you walk about 10 steps and this is what you see:
Vista Point at trail head.
Halfway down trail another vista point to pose for pics...notice the RED cast?

Yea...breath taking view! There is a vista point at the top of the trail, and then for those more adventurous types, there is a trail that takes you literally to the bottom of the giant Waterfall and ends at the pools of water. It was a pretty decent hike down, but going UP was another story! Holy Cow. As we descended on the trail, you could feel the temperature dropping the closer to the falls we got. By the time we reached the bottom, it was 20 degrees cooler then at the top...which happened to be 100 that day. And the spray coming off, was heavenly!
DH at the bottom of the waterfalls...the water was so blue!

DH and I decided that spot right there was where we were going to build our retirement home and live forever. Staring at the sight each day, no need for air conditioning, no need for entertainment. Just open a window and stare.
There were a few brave souls who jumped into the pool of water but it was ICY and they didn't last long. The kids were pretty Ho-Hum about it. Didn't really get the importance of seeing it.
The pools of water at the bottom...look at the colors!

I explained to Austin that it was important to Daddy and I that the kids get to see these State and National monuments and parks before they are all gone. We have such beauty right here in our own country. But with budgets, economy, political leaders, state vs. feds, they will all be lost for our children's children. Funds will be cut, parks will be closed, upkeep for safety will be gone. We wanted them to see it to tell their kids about them. Just in case they are gone.
Amazed at how water just came out of the solid rock for mini waterfalls!
I highly recommend that you explore your local or semi-local state parks. You just might find something as beautiful as this Gem...
P.S. Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary DH! I ♥ you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you ready for more...

So after our Beach and Redwood excursion, we jumped back into the car and headed for the hills...for the Ranch we would be staying at. They have these cute little cabins you stay in, with a main lodge you go to for all your meals (They cooked for us family style meals) and there is a Pool Table, Karaoke, Swimming Pool, Ping Pong, Tether ball, movie rentals and a sitting area there for entertainment.
Austin catching his first fish there.
Dad helping to get it off the hook...kinda hard with a cast on your arm.

Right outside our cabin was the Catch-n-Release Fish Pond with a waterfall that sounded so pretty. So each day the kids would run out and fish. They pretty much caught one every time they cast. LOL - which they didn't realize it was stocked for that...they just thought they were really good fisherman.
See that fin on the top? It is S.H.A.R.P.
Our Cabin with a full sitting porch by the pond.

My favorite was just a few steps from our front porch was a hammock in the trees. I nestled into it our last night there and sat for an hour listening to...NOTHING! Absolute NOTHING! It was so nice. To hear the breeze in the trees, waterfall going, birds chirping. There were NO cars whizzing by, no horns blaring, no sirens whirring, no telephones ringing, no tv's going (favorite part was no TV reception!) and no video games playing. The kids had to entertain themselves. Invent games. Fish. Swim. Back to nature.
Emily walking to the main lodge for lunch.

Checking out the pool and trying to decide whether to go in...

This place was pretty expensive. Not sure we would ever stay there again. But for this time, right now in our lives, it was exactly what we needed. Oh...and did I tell you the best part??? A huge family reunion of 30 people checked out the day before we got there, and we were the only ones on the whole ranch!!!! We had the place to ourselves! So it was extra quiet!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trip and more Trip...

So Friday we got up after the Car Sickness bout, and drove to the "Tree's of Mystery" in the Redwoods National Forest. It was important for me to take my kids before it was gone (it's been around 50 years already, but the owner is in her 90's now) because my parents took us kids there when we were little. We have pictures of us in front of the Paul Bunyan Statues when we were little, and now I have pics of my kids there. Memories...
That's Austin standing at the foot so you can see how TALL Paul Bunyan is!
Paul Bunyan's Big Blue OX.

So Emily was pretty freaked out at first with all the trees and Redwood Trees are 150-200 feet tall, so it's pretty shaded and eerie at the forest floor. But eventually we had a good time. There are trees shaped into different things, but they are shaped naturally how they grew. They are amazing trees. One tree had fallen over 20 years ago, and a bunch more trees started growing out of the dead log laying on its side. And one big one grew out of it's root and grew up and over the log. It was pretty cool. And 100 feet up new trees would grow off of tree limbs of existing trees. It was amazing.
Can you see the new trees growing off limbs? And look at all those fern's! This was a zoomed in pic of about 150ft up!
This is the Brother Tree...Can you see how HUGE around it is! This tree was 210 ft tall! Yikes...

The Famous "Cathedral Tree" where many people have been married is there, and the Brotherly Tree. There was a Candelabra tree but several of the trees fell over.
Some Lumberjacks handy work on a log....all the carvings were from downed trees.

The Trees Of Mystery is a trail you take that has narrated story boxes along the way that you push to hear stories of Paul Bunyan and how he came to be. Myth or was fun for the kids to see the story unfold in front of us by log carvings that lumberjacks did.
Midway through the trail, there is a Gondola ride you take to the top of the mountain to a Vista Point. It is called the Sky Trail because it is a Treetop ride above these Giant Trees. It was so cool...but scary that we were so high up a side of a mountain. Here's a pic on our way up looking down the mountain through the fog. DH saw a Black Bear from his gondola taking a snooze.
It was a very neat experience. One Austin will remember and appreciate, but not sure how much Emily absorbed of it. At least we'll have pics to share!
P.S. Austin is in all the pics and not Emily because she would run screaming every time I tried to get one of her, little brat! LOL

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're back...

Did you miss us? ;o)

Well...the trip started off not so good. In plain ole' stank. Literally. Emily got car sick on the mountain roads and puked in the car several different times, and we had to stop and keep cleaning the car and her out. There was also road construction for about 25 miles of the mountain highway we were on, and we had to keep stopping and just park the car and wait for 30 minute increments before moving again. That happened about 4 times each way. Ugh...So we made our first destination pretty late(2+ hours late)to get to the sight seeing we had planned. So we hung out at the hotel doing laundry and swimming, letting her tummy settle down. DH ran to the store to get car cleaner and scrubbed seats to get smell out. Yuck.

Emily on the beach not feeling so well after being car sick...

By late afternoon, we hit the road in search of the beach and found this killer sandy beach and played! Emily still wasn't 100% so Austin and I played for her. We built a moat around our volcano we built. And then Austin buried my legs and left me to the rising currant. So this momma took things into her own hands and CHASED said little boy down and dragged him into the ocean with me, cast and all! LOL - He was so shocked! The water was SO COLD, but refreshing. Never mess with a momma, we will always win! Austin let his guard down and we had a pretty good time together while daddy and Emily sat in the car cuz her tummy was still not 100%. Poor thing...

Austin building the moat...
Austin and I building our Volcano and Moat...
I will recap each leg of our trip a little a day and share our adventures...there are many! ;o)

Saturday, August 1, 2009