Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Someone say Horses...

Our last morning there, Austin and I got up early and headed to the stables. It gets REALLY HOT where we were, so we wanted an early ride. The Ranch owner was already there saddling the horses.
Leaving the barn area and hitting the trails. Doesn't he look so at ease handling that horse?

Austin was riding Willie, and I would ride Clyde. Willie was a Quarter Horse. He was very pretty, but kinda up there in years. He had been on the ranch for like 10 years already and was a good kid horse. Clyde was half Clydesdale. You know the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses? Yep...their HUGE! I've seen them twice in person and petted them. I mean...not big...HUGE! Taller and bigger then a full size truck! And the muscle? OMG...I have never drooled over a horse until I saw them. LOL. So Clyde was half that. So he was a big boy as in sturdy built and had the prominent hairy legs like they do, but he was short.
Ok Clyde, Now we're gonna do this the easy way, got it?

Now let me ask you. Have you ever tried to mount a horse with a full arm cast on? It's not that easy, let me tell ya. Poor Austin was determined and took several tries, but he finally made it up.
That is the owners son holding the reins so Austin could get on.
He looks so good up there. He was so mad at me for making him wear a helmet! LOL - Willie was a very SLOW horse. My horse kept goosing him to make him speed up.

We circled the barn a few times to make sure Austin could handle his horse, and was comfortable with it, and then we hit the trails. It was very pretty to ride along. The ranch was literally on top of a mountain, so the trail ride was on the actual Pacific Coast Highway walking trail and we could view the Sierra Mountains all around us.
We got to ride in front of our cabin to let Emily wave goodbye and see us. Normally you dont. Emily was so excited about feeding and petting the horses, but was terrified to actually ride one, and he took pity on her. So she got to stand on the front porch and wave at us.

Speaking of PCH trail, did you know that people actually hike this trail on foot every year from Canada to Baja, Mexcio??? It takes them 3 months and 3 weeks to do it. Apparently there is this whole online society blog that you sign up to do it, and it's just to say you did! It's not a race, a competition, just to say you survived and walked it. Crazy! We actually saw footprints which were fresh, and camp areas where they stay overnight. I'm sorry...but that's just a little much to cross three countries on foot!

So...during our horse ride, Austin turns around on his horse to look at me and says "Mom, this is the best thing in the whole world! I love horses! Thanks for bringing us here." My heart melted right then and there! You are so welcome my son!


Tooj said...

I was always the kid asking to ride horses on our "outdoorsy" vacations. :) I totally relate to Austin. I LOVED horses then, and still do. Drooling over horses? LOL I loved that!

Kaci said...

Awhhhhhhhhh I bet that did melt your heart...melts mine just reading it. :) XOXO

Leah said...

I was going to ask about the ease of getting on and controlling a horse with only one good arm!

I'm glad everyone had a good time! I've been TERRIFIED each and every time I've been up on a horse. Well, I did finally manage to get over most of my fear after spending three weeks in Montana when we spent one entire weekend on horses.