Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

So in between 5 trillion doctors appointments a week and School, Work, Soccer, Church classes, Team Mom duties, Bunco, Scrapbooking, Household chores, Babysitting a 5 month old...I decided that we needed to add one more thing to the mix. ha ha ha ha...not really! But poor Emily has been forced to be carted around to her brothers sports practices and games and sits so patiently through it all, that she needed something for her to do.

We tried Soccer, not her thing. We tried Gymnastics and she LOVED it! But she has expressed interest in Cheerleading and Dance as well. So I found a combo class where she can get the best of both worlds. It is an hour class and they start out doing 30 minutes of Gymnastics (woo-pee she's happy!) and then they move into the "Dance" room where they do Tap and Ballet for another 30 minutes.

So tonight was her first class and she LOVED it. We stopped on the way and got her Tap shoes and Ballet slippers and she couldn't wait to put them on and try them out. She was all grins when the time came. She kept waving to me thru the window and did all kinds of flips and attempted to try new things in the gym. And when Dance time came...she could hardly contain herself.

I will have to try and bring my camera in and sneak some pics to post. Although my busy, extremely full calendar is bulging at the seams with things to do, it was important that Emily have her time. So I squeezed it in between Soccer practice and dinner time and arranged for someone to get Austin home so Emily could have her time. And seeing that huge grin on her face for the whole class has made it worth it!


Tooj said...

I am NOT a girly girl. I grew up with scraped knees and loved boy sports. I wasn't any good at soccer though, and really enjoyed gymnastics. It stuck and carried with me all through junior high and high school. It's a great sport for her to get into. :) I'm happy to hear she liked it. I stayed a tomboy throughout, but I loved my gymnastics/cheerleading days. The activity required was HUGE, contrary to what some think of pom pon shakers. :)

Leah said...

sounds PERFECT for her! My Emily would flip over a class like that, too! LOL

Kaci said...

What you're busy? That doesn't sound like you at all! :)

Love the new look Cin!

Lisa Baldwin said...

Gosh... I can so relate with school, work, football, church, and remodeling our house we just don't have any time. I wish there was three of me maybe then things would get done and on time :) I'm sure she is just a little doll in class you so have to take some pictures to share with us!