Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So Soccer started, and somehow I am the Team Manager again for the 9th year. I swore to myself that I was taking a year off. I'm still not sure what happened. Something about the Coach saying "I can't do it without you" and me saying "sure, ok" and I am.

So Between 3 days a week soccer practice, two nights this week of Back-To-School events and two soccer meetings for us Managers, not to mention the 50+ emails to all the parents, oh and let's not forget my everyday job, life has been a little crazy this week! But who am I kidding, when isn't it? LOL

So I will post something later today - I promise. Well...maybe I better check my schedule before I say that...

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Lisa Baldwin said...

I can so relate school here doesn't start until Monday and I can't wait. My kids play football and with us remodeling it has just been so crazy and it won't get any better for 3 months.

But I do promise to blog more I miss you!