Thursday, August 6, 2009

The most beautiful place...

One of the reason's we picked this Ranch to stay at is because it is very close to one of the 8th largest waterfalls in the USA. DH had seen it on a program on TV and has always wanted to go there. And I was a it. I mean, waterfalls are pretty and all, but just not driving 4 hours worth of pretty. I pictured vacation a little more beachy, tropical drinks kind of trip then hiking to a waterfall.

So Saturday morning we set out to see this waterfall. And when you pull into the parking lot of this State Park, you walk about 10 steps and this is what you see:
Vista Point at trail head.
Halfway down trail another vista point to pose for pics...notice the RED cast?

Yea...breath taking view! There is a vista point at the top of the trail, and then for those more adventurous types, there is a trail that takes you literally to the bottom of the giant Waterfall and ends at the pools of water. It was a pretty decent hike down, but going UP was another story! Holy Cow. As we descended on the trail, you could feel the temperature dropping the closer to the falls we got. By the time we reached the bottom, it was 20 degrees cooler then at the top...which happened to be 100 that day. And the spray coming off, was heavenly!
DH at the bottom of the waterfalls...the water was so blue!

DH and I decided that spot right there was where we were going to build our retirement home and live forever. Staring at the sight each day, no need for air conditioning, no need for entertainment. Just open a window and stare.
There were a few brave souls who jumped into the pool of water but it was ICY and they didn't last long. The kids were pretty Ho-Hum about it. Didn't really get the importance of seeing it.
The pools of water at the bottom...look at the colors!

I explained to Austin that it was important to Daddy and I that the kids get to see these State and National monuments and parks before they are all gone. We have such beauty right here in our own country. But with budgets, economy, political leaders, state vs. feds, they will all be lost for our children's children. Funds will be cut, parks will be closed, upkeep for safety will be gone. We wanted them to see it to tell their kids about them. Just in case they are gone.
Amazed at how water just came out of the solid rock for mini waterfalls!
I highly recommend that you explore your local or semi-local state parks. You just might find something as beautiful as this Gem...
P.S. Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary DH! I ♥ you!


Kaci said...

15!!! CRAZY! :) Beautiful waterfalls!

Leah said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I would certainly have enjoyed that view.