Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday Quote...

This last week, the lessons of life and death have never been more real. Never take Life for granted, or miss the opportunity to tell the ones you love the most, that you love them. You get one chance at this life. Use it wisely, and never look back with regrets.

With that said, I leave you with this:

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am Thankful for:

-my DH who truly is my best friend and knows the difference between when I need a hug and when I need space.
-My son's big heart.
-my doggie, Toby, with his big brown eyes, and his never ending love.
-my daughter's ability to never look back and always willing to try new things.
-for extended family who is there in person or spirit in an emergency.
-my mother, who has and will always be the strength behind this family, the glue that holds us all together, and for always being willing to listen, whenever.
-my dad's big heart, his pride and love for this country, his good spirit to help anyone, anytime, and his love for his family.
-for siblings that know when it's time to be there. Supporting each other, pulling together in times of need, and knowing when to give each other space.
-for a sister who never lets me feel alone or forgotten.
-for friends, far and close, who let me know every time they think of me and send love.
-that my children know that family is much more important then any object in this world.

What are you thankful for?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Internal Thoughts...

These last few weeks I have been doing a bit of internal thoughts on where I am in my life, where I want to be, what I have been through so far, what more there is to go through. What lesson's I have learned in life so far, and what lesson's I still have to teach.

I am no where today where 20 years ago I thought I'd be, and yet I am all that I can be today. I have been through so much, and learned so much, but the most humbling has been that I still have so much left to learn.

Life, is in itself, a lesson that never ceases. I try to teach my children that. But they are still children, and only think about today, not what tomorrow may bring. Adults, always worry about what tomorrow may bring. The innocence's of childhood, protects them from the worries, but at what point is it a disadvantage for them to not be prepared for tomorrow?

For example, my son's middle school's belief is to let all students take "retakes" on their tests if they want to improve their grades. Yet, trying to teach my son, that in "real life" there is no retakes. You have to get it done right the first time. It was a hard lesson in high school, where that schools belief is to do it right the first time, and no retakes.

Brings me full circle now that he has his first job, and teaching him job etiquette, and being proud of the effort and work he puts forth. To not wait to be to told, if you see it needs to be done, just do it. The effort will always be rewarded.

Having a daughter, I struggle with teaching her life lessons differently then you do a boy. Right now teaching her to be true to herself, and to be honest and loyal to friends. Trust is a big deal, and an honor to have. Treat it gently, and never take it for granted. It's ok to make new friends, but don't stomp on the friends you have now to make them. And remember, the friends we have today, may stay with us for life. They help mold you into the person you will become. But that can go either negatively or positively.

My heart breaks for my nephew. He left for college recently, and is going through some tough personal struggles with high school friends. His heart is breaking, and feeling alone, yet he needs to go through these times to build the character that will define him as a man and the person he will be. And now knowing what it feels like, he will surely not treat others the way he has been treated. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Much as I do. It will cause him much pain throughout his years. But it will also bring him much joy and knowing real love.

One of the hardest lessons as a parent, has been that I can't kiss the boo-boos and make the pain go away. I want so much to prevent the pain I know they will go through, but know in my heart, unless they go through it, they will not have learned the lesson I did by going through it myself. It has made me who I am.

That heart on the sleeve? Has brought me many tears, lost a few friends, some heart break, left a job, hurt feelings, and pride wounded. But it has also brought me inner strength, more happiness then I ever imagined, love without an end. It has taught me to keep a wall around it, but to know when to open the door and let people in. It has taught me that trust is the most important feature in a person. That heart, has rewarded me in more ways then I can imagine.

I will continue to trust, love and be hurt. Because no matter how old i get, there will always be a lesson for me to learn. I will never stop giving the benefit of doubt and trusting people. I just learn to be a bit choosier about who those people are I let into my life.

And if you are one of those people...I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being a part of it.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

I am Thankful this week for:

- my wonderful husband who just gets me
- my daughter's excitement about her new school
- my son's maturity with his first job this summer
- family that accepts you as you are
- parents that never give up
- my Starbucks light vanilla frappe on Monday mornings
- a job i love and have fun at
- neighbors that look out for each other and care about my kids
- friends that don't need to talk every day to know they are there for each other, whenever, wherever
- 18yr old nephews who aren't too old to come spend the night, days before they move away for college, so we can have one last night of bonding and time with him.
- Lifetime movie channel and Hallmark movies
- my puppy dog who is always happy to see me when I walk in the door
- Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
- my plants and garden i love to tend too

What are you Thankful for?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Humor...or thought...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

School has started...

Yep, I have been in complete denial all summer. Refused to listen. Even put the school envelope up high and out of sight. But the darn date kept coming closer, and Emily wouldn't let me hide under my covers any longer. I had to face the facts!
Emily is now in Middle School!


I still don't know how my baby girl got old enough for middle school. But I was forced to take her to pick up her Student ID card, school pictures, get her schedule, PE clothes, Yearbooks, Lunch cards, and the whole time i dragged my feet with Emily pulling my arm everywhere telling me to hurry up.

And this is what I got:
Someone please tell me how my baby, my youngest, my sweet lil' girl grew up????


Now...I'd like to digress from here a moment. What did they call your school? Mine was called a Jr. High. NOT a Middle School. Do you know how many times I have said Jr. High??? And everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. "What's she talking about?" "What's this Jr. High she keeps talking about?"

OK, back to Emily. Her first day was last week and she was so excited she woke up at 6:30 am and was dressed and ready when i got out of the shower. Wha-What??? This is the first year she is riding a bus, changing classes for 6 periods, dressing down for PE, and she is LOVING it! And i get peace of mind by knowing an aide is following silently behind her.
So far she has come home every day very talkative, happy, eating all her lunch, and loving life.

But I know all that will change.
When homework is assigned.
And PE actually starts.
And friends move on.
But for now...Momma's a happy girl! :)


Friday, August 3, 2012

Fish, More Fish and Even More Fish

On our road trip to the Ocean, Austin and I spent a day at one of the largest Aquariums ever, and they have a multi-billion dollar research facility next door with scientist that are continually entering the ocean at the spot where we were. Did you know that in Monterrey Bay, there is a Canyon under the Ocean that is Bigger, and Deeper and Wider then the Grand Canyon?? I had no idea. It was huge, and after a few hundred feet off the shore, it immediately drops into a vast openness. It is the deepest part of the Ocean and they have never actually made it all the way down. They send a robotic vessel with cameras, arms to gather samples and video.
We saw many cute and adorable sea creatures at the aquarium, as well as some scary, weird looking and down right UGLY creatures.

We saw the famous Jelly Fish exhibit and never knew there were so many varieties of Jelly fish. And I learned they are not all poisonous or sting you. There are actually only a few out of the 100 or so varieties that will harm you.
Some are really tiny.

Some are bigger then me.
We then checked out the Seahorses exhibit. I swear I never know sticks were sea horses. Really. Floating sticks (they looked like it anyways) were actual varieties of sea horses.
And then there was this tiny miniature version. So cute!
And then there was this!
And the side view where it was suctioned on the window:
I don't wanna run into that guy!

Although there was so much to see, and after awhile, one jelly fish started looking like the other, we did learn allot! It was well worth the money.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wow, time is just getting away from me.

So much has been going on lately in our lives that it is leaving me little time to do much of anything. We are on a health mission for Emily and seeing so many new doctors, it keeps my head spinning. I think we finally found one who thinks like we do, is looking in the right places, ordering the right tests and digging deeper then anyone else has. So fingers crossed.

Austin managed to get a summer job and has been working away the summer. I guess technically he has 3 summer jobs. He is mowing lawns for money for several homes, he works with my dad on the Handyman Business on weekends doing remodels and "fix-it" projects. And then he got a job with me at my work doing the grunt work. And he loves it, My boss loves him, so it's a win-win for everyone. So he works a few days a week there. He's making bank for sure. His motivation is to buy a car. We told him we would match anything he saved for a car. So should he save $1,000, we'd match it and he'd have $2,000 for a car. So far, he's costing me a little more then we planned when we decided this. That kid is motivated and saved more then that! aye, ya, ya! LOL

We also bought him a season pass to our local water park full of a dozen death defying water slides, lazy river and wave pools. He's been so good about being responsible lately, and we wanted to make sure he had fun time to balance his new work life.

A few weeks ago, I woke Austin up in the morning and told him to pack a suitcase for several days and we were going on a road trip. Just him and I. We took off to the ocean for 3 days. We had a lot of fun. Relaxing, laughing, sleeping, exploring, good time. We spent 6 hours going through the 2 story Aquarium, shopped the famous boulevard, and drove up and down the famous and scenic 15 mile drive of coast. We stopped at several of the beach turnouts and climbed rocks, walked the beach and watched the sunset our last night there. He had a blast, and I loved getting away from the stress of life right now.

It's so hard to believe that I have a middle school child and a Junior in high school!!!

And yet I stay so young...


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another School Year gone....

Well, another school year has come and gone, and with it comes some bittersweet feelings. Emily "graduated" from 5th grade and elementary school and is now a big Middle School 6th grader. *sob*

She is super excited and I am super nervous.

Emily has grown so much this past year and I am so proud of her. She has grown several inches and is now ALMOST as tall as me as she just hit 5'2-1/2", grown a shoe size this year, grown a whole clothes size (it's really heart wrenching when you realize they are in the last size available in the childrens department), chopped all her hair off into an adorable "middle school" cut, tried many new things this year, been to hell and back and came back even stronger, and made some new friends this year that are awesome for her.

Bittersweet for me because the elementary school was brand new and opened it's first year when Austin started 1st grade. We have been driving to that school, seeing those teachers and staff, for the last 10 years. And now, we are done. As much as there were things or staff we wish to never see or deal with again, there were far more positives that we will miss. And Emily's Learning Center Teacher, Mrs. G., we will miss the most. Emily has had her as a teacher for 5 years. She has become a confidentant, a friend, a favorite, and loves Emily as her own. I cried on the last day saying goodbye to her, and she made me promise to invite her to Emily's birthdays and keep her informed of milestones. You just dont find teachers like that anymore. I hope she knows I never took her for granted all these years, and appreciated everything she did for us. She gave Emily comfort and peace in a world of chaos for her, and she gave us, the parents, peace of mind knowing when Emily went to school, she was in good arms. Thank you Mrs. G!

Emily also had a birthday in May and turned 12!

My baby girl is growing up so fast before my eyes. Middle school, 12 years old, new it'll be boys and high school and, and...wahhhhh!!!

Tomorrow she starts her first time at Softball. We are so excited. We signed her up for the Special Olympics and have finally found something she can do for fun and feel comfortable. I love the fact that they play all the sports that are available and each season rotate through them, so we have our pick of what to try. So for Summer she is trying Softball! With her new BFF.

Although we have been on a very bumpy road this last year with all the medical issues with her, and nearly lost her in the mix of it, we have fought hard, cried harder and are making our way back to being a family and enjoying our daughter. She is smiling again, laughing, playing with friends. She is coming back to us. There is still a very long road of unknown ahead, and a lot of hard work that brings me to tears at times. But it's all worth it when I hear that giggle again. When I see the sparkle in her eyes. I'll keep fighting for her, I'll keep hugging her close, and I'll always be her biggest supporter and fan. For no one can know the struggle, the road we've had, but us. And no one can love her like we can.

Emily, I am so very proud of you. You are a beautiful girl who is growing into her own. Remember to stop and smell the flowers. To smile at strangers. To be kind to animals. And most of all, never ever lose your innocence.

I love you baby girl!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday Quote...

"There is a reason the Windshield is larger than the Rearview Mirror."
Author unknown


Monday, April 23, 2012

Where, oh where, did the time go...

I have let you down my fellow blogger friends. I am so sorry. I have not even had a moment to update my blog in forever much less read any of yours. :( So much has been happening that I don't even know where to begin, so let me just dive right in.

I got to fly back to the East coast to visit my dearest friend over at Ellyphant & Emmykins and hold and cuddle that cutie pa tootie of a baby Girl she had, and spoil my sweetest Elly while there too. I had a great visit catching up and spending some much needed girl time with Kaci, and smothering kisses on babies while I could. I tried my hardest to sneak that bundle into my carry on luggage, but Elly wouldn't have anything to do with it. She busted me. Told me I needed air holes for her and since there were none, I had to leave her. ;)

And while I was out there enjoying my alone time without MY kids or hubby, I did a phone interview and GOT A JOB!!! Go figure, I literally was sitting on the plane taxiing from the runway up to the gate and my phone beeps with a message to call for an interview. I had only been on the ground an hour, did the interview, and got the job! Perfect way to start my Va cay!

So a few days after returning, I started my new job. I work for the #1 Floral Shop in the county, who does the biggest mall in our area's flowers and our state governors flowers. I LOVE IT! I do all the admin work, marketing and books, and am learning so much. It's great to feel so needed again, and also to be learning and getting to know such an awesome bunch of ladies. We all get along, and have the same sense of humor, so it's really more fun then work.

Rugby just finished up for Austin. Which frees me up some, since I'm not cooking now for 50 people every week. Which really didn't turn out as bad as it sounded. And I loved that the boys on both teams always appreciated and loved me for it. They are so awesome! We (JV) lost the season and did not make it to tournaments, but that is because we are a 1st year team with the majority of the players being 1st time players and learning the sport. Our Varsity team went on to place #1 for our Northern Division, and go to the Final Tournament seeding next weekend against all of Northern California. So we wish them luck!

Emily has had quite the tough time the last few months, and we have really had our hands full. Her seizures are rampant right now, and with hormonal puberty flowing, the medicines were causing way too many problems then they were fixing. So with her doctors, we have pulled her off all of them to allow her system to flush them out and calm down. In the meantime, her team of doctors here are sending her to San Francisco to see a specialists at the U.C. hospital there to try and get us some help, as they are at their limits here. She also has been losing allot of weight and her little bones are poking through every where. Her wrists are the size of a 5 yr old. So Friday, she went into surgery to have several procedures done. One was to try and find out if there was a cause for the weight loss. They took about 8 vials of blood, Xrays, Scopes, Cameras, several biopsies and now it's a waiting game for the results. They did find some things that they didn't like, so now we just pray. There are a lot of things going on in her little world right now, and I'm afraid I can not divulge more information then that to protect her privacy as much as I can. But her and us need A LOT of prayers for strength, guidance and love. We are all being tested. Only there can not be a failure this time.

DH has been a blessing to me. He allowed me to leave for a whole week to visit Kaci, and he held the fort down the best he could with the circumstances. And he allows me to cry on his shoulder when it all becomes too much. He understands as no one else can ever, because he is living it with me. He knows when i need space, and he knows when i need hugs. He is my rock.

I pray all has been well with you, my friends. I miss you. Hearing about your lives, your children's accomplishments, and uplifting words. I promise to catch my breath soon and come back to following you. Until then, know my heart is with you all.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I'm leaving to go see Ellyphant and Emmykins and I'm not sure i'll get much sleep tonight.

So I will leave you with this:

Enough speaks to me.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Lent, Rugby, Babies Oh My...

Where has the time gone? I'm sorry I've left you all for so long. It has been a crazy few months, but who am i kidding, that's my life now!

Rugby has taken over our household. Austin is thriving in it and has really absorbed the sport. I've learned to toughen up so I dont get squeamish at the sight of blood, bruises, swelling, sprains, concussion or broken ribs. Not, not all on Austin, but most of those. We've been to Urgent Care twice already for Austin. And we've had about 4 broken limbs, 2 concussions, 1 set of broken ribs, dislocated shoulders, 2 surgeries, ripped open knees with blood pouring down legs, tore open sides from being cleated by players on field, and that's just a few on the JV and Varsity teams. But each one of the kids are grinning, and asking to be put back in. Several of the boys wont tell their coaches they are hurt, so they can keep playing. I dont know what it is about this sport that has them loving it so much, but they play with all heart.

And did I mention that I'm the Team Mom for the JV? Yep, so for every home game, I get to cook dinner for 50 people and bring it to the games. Main meal, side and cold drinks. Thank goodness for my mama who comes and helps me every friday prepare and wrap all the food. But I am the most favorite person to all these boys when i roll up with all my loot of food. They are so polite and appreciative, i dont mind at all doing it for them. We feed the opposing team, our team, all coaches, and the Refs. And when we are at away games, that home team cooks for our boys. Pretty neat idea. And they work so hard for it in the games.

Did I mention that my BFF, Kaci over at Ellyphant had her sweet baby girl??? She's a lil over 2 weeks old now, and I'm so excited that I get to "leave on a jet plane" this week to see her!!! I get to stay for a week and spoil both those adorable girls of hers and see Kaci! It's been 3 years since I've seen her last...way too long. I'm super duper excited. Definately gonna be GIRL time! :)

Ok, so being's Lent season right now. And during Lent, you have to give up something that you "couldn't live without" to resemble what Jesus and the Disciples went thru during the 40 days. Now most people give up Candy, or swearing, or something like eating fast food. And then some people (dodo head here) decide to give up FACEBOOK!!! For 40 days!!! Now let me remind you that I am a SAHM, whose only connection to real life is thru FB, and what do i do? I decide to cut my own right arm off by giving up FB!

I recieved a lot of grief when i announced on FB that i was doing this. People begged, pleaded, and cried for me not too. And i recieved emails, texts and calls asking if I was sick or something. But i decided to go ahead with it, and see if it really makes a difference.

A few weeks before I had this big revelation, I had busted my teenage son on the phone past his curfew and sneaking it in the dark under his covers. So as I was having the conversation with him about how grounded he was and that he didnt HAVE to make himself available to the whole world ALL of the time, that it's ok to not be on his cell phone, computer, Ipod, Skype or Xbox LIVE chatting, i realized that was exactly what i was doing myself. And it wasn't until a few days later when my son pointed out that every time he tried to tell me something i was distracted with the Ipod and FB.

So when it came time to pick something for Lent, i decided i needed to do this "detox" to prove to myself I could live without, show my son that I could "unplug" and hopefully gain some more free time to spend with the kids.

The day before the official unplug day, I paniced. I mean, anxiety galore. What if i missed important information being posted? What if someone had an emergency? What if, what if, what if??? And then, the next morning, I woke up, went to the computer, and turned my FB page off completely. Turned the computer off, and went on with my day. Now, I know that habit is hard to break, which is why i turned my page off, vs just leaving it there. I knew i'd grab the Ipod without thinking and tap that icon, and i did about 6 times the first day. I also knew the first 24 hours would be rough, so i planned a lot of errands that day to keep me out of the house and not thinking about it. And honestly, each day got easier. It's been 1-1/2 weeks, and i honestly rarely think about it now. Mostly i just wonder how certain friends are doing and what they are posting. But i have several other friends who constantly text me to keep me in the loop of stuff and check up on me. I still get a lot of grief from family and friends. I have been the butt of a lot of jokes. But you know what, it's been the best thing! My mood has been better, I feel more energized and have gotten several projects around the house done.

And my son? Well, let's just say he's the worst teaser of them all to me. But i did catch a glimmer of pride in his eye when my sister was over teasing me again and I took it all, knowing exacly why I was doing this. My kids are my world, not the people on FB. And somehow I was giving their lives more importance then my own children. Not anymore.

I haven't decided if I will come back to FB when Lent is over. I probably will, but my time will be much more limited on it. But there is definitely something very freeing about not having it.

What can you give up for 40 days???


Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas and Sammy...

They go hand in hand in our house. It's getting harder and harder to surprise hubby anymore. So I had to think long and hard and try and come up with something that he would like for Christmas that was significant, and that he would appreciate. Guys in general are hard to shop for, and then throw into the mix one who does not like to receive presents and one who has picky tastes.

So this year, a fellow redhead (Sammy fan) owns an art studio has fallen on hard times and needed to liquidate some drawings he did. And I happen to fall upon his posting and grabbed it!

I managed to get this Charcoal drawing #1 of a series of 2 for my honey:

There is only one other like it, and it is hanging in Sammy Hagar's house. :)

He was very surprised and loved it!

Now we just have to save up to get it framed, and find a wall spot to hang it among the other paintings of Sammy. I'm loving our collection! It's a collection of many stories, covering 20+ years of being a fan, traveling all over to see him, meeting him, making new friends for life and having a ball through it all. Each item we have comes with a story.

Without my hubs, there wouldn't be a story. ♥


Thursday, February 9, 2012

B O W L I N G...

I'm sure there isn't a soul on this earth who hasn't heard of Groupon, and if you haven't, well, then I'm sorry your missing out on affordable heaven on earth. Email me and I'll hook you up. With my not working, our household budget has been very tight this past year, and being able to afford luxuries like eating out, entertainment or treats has had to come to a stand still. But as most of you know, you can only hibernate in your home for so long, before either the kids or you go batty and you need a break. So these last few months I've been squirreling away and grabbing the Groupon deals when they pop up for our area. It's a great way to be able to afford a few hours out with the family for 50-75% off the regular price.

So I had purchased a Groupon a few months back for a Family deal for Bowling, and seeing how none of us had been bowling in a few years, I thought it would be fun to get the Fam Bam out on Saturday and enjoy a few hours.

It was a great deal that included Bowling for 6 people, 2 hours on a lane, shoe rentals, A large Pizza and a pitcher of Soda. Now, the kids complained LOUDLY that Bowling was boring, no fun, and totally NOT cool according to my teenage son. But I insisted and DH and I loaded everyone up and off we went.

We bowled with the rails up since my lil girl had never bowled, and since it had been about 4-5 years since my son had so he had forgotten how. And of course with my family, it's not fun unless you make a challenge out of it. So we all ganged up on my poor DH and our goal the whole day was to beat his score.

And let me tell you parents of kids who complain loudly and insist that it's "boring" and "uncool" to try something new and out of their comfort zone, these kids had a BLAST!

They were cheering, grinning, laughing, trying stunts with the ball, and overall enjoying themselves. But it was one little girl in particular that caught our eye and had us grinning and laughing.


She had us cracking up. Each time she would grab her ball and walk up to the line, and throw it down the lane with a chunky THUD, and then stand there with her arms straight up in a touchdown pose with her one leg bent in the air behind her waiting the whole time until her ball knocked down the pins. Then she would jump in the air and cheer, clapping loudly for all to see and run to grab her ball again. It was hilarious. I wish I had remembered my camera.

She kept us on our toes, calling out whose turn it was and patting us on the back if we did poorly. Austin started the cheering chants several times to get us rallied to play, and the food disappeared quickly.

We had a great time. And for two hours that day, we all forgot about doctors appointments, homework, jobs and stress. We spent quality time as a family and made lasting memories.

So don't fear parents, stand firm with your kids, because you just never know if they try something new, whether they'll like it or not, but chances are, it just might be "cool" enough for them.

I think we did alright, when leaving the building my lil girl asks when we can come back and do that again. :)

Oh and that same lil girl, beat us all on the last game! She kept rolling strikes! Go figure! I'm signing her up for a team. :)


Friday, February 3, 2012


Has anyone heard of Rugby? Or watched a game on TV or caught a local one?

Do you know Rugby is a cross between Football and Soccer and is played on a Football field, with cleats, but with NO helmets or pads?
Did you know that Rugby is by far one of the most roughest sports in High School for injuries?

Did you playing Rugby?
Ten years! Ten year of Soccer. Ten years of Baseball. Gone. Out the window.

This year, he decided, without our knowledge, to sign up for Rugby and tried out for the team and made it. This year, he decided to not play Soccer and Baseball. He had no knowledge of what Rugby was, how to play or the rules. But a friend told him it was fun, so he signed up.

Austin is wearing a scrum cap - they get their ears smashed bad and get the "Cauliflower" ear, so this protects them.

And this shy, humble kid, who takes criticism to heart, gets his feelings hurt easily, loves hard and plays harder...LOVES it!!!

He literally LOVES Rugby! He can't stop grinning, or stop talking about it. He even got his TWO cousins to join with him. And THEY love it!
That's Austin on the bottom tackling and taking the opponent down.

I don't get it. It must be a boy thing. Because at our first tournament, I was cringing and biting my nails, even weeping behind my hand watching them get kicked in the head with cleats, stepped on with cleats, broken fingers and legs, broken noses and bloody gashes coming off the field. Asthma attacks, Paramedics, bags of ice, our tent area looked like a triage scene from a battlefield. And yet...they were all SMILING.

This group of boys are the nicest group I've ever met. They treat each other with respect, support each others games, lift up spirits, cheer each team on, share food or supplies with the ones without, protect and care about each one.

My heart swarmed.

My boy...has found his calling. Has found what has made him happy. Is having the time of his life. And he's doing it with the greatest group of kids who i know will have his back.

So although we have been to the Urgent Care twice already for cleat injuries to his hands, arms, legs and fingers...I will just make sure my health insurance is paid in full, and sit in the stands cheering my boy on. Because there isn't anything I would give to see that smile on his face.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm loving my life...

Could have something to do with the Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte I made at home too...


Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Girl Dolls...

Anyone who has a young daughter knows the name of these dolls and the stories behind them. And if you know about the dolls, then you know who Kit, Molly, Rebecca, Kirsten, Emily and Julie are too. And if you know who they are, then you've either read the books or watched the movies. You probably could tell me what decade each one is from too.

When Emily was turning 4 yrs old, we got her for her birthday a look alike newborn American Girl doll. Not at all realizing what an impact these dolls would have on our lives.

Then about 4 years ago, Emily REALLY got into these dolls in part because our neighbor girl (and BFF) and her BFF from school all had dolls, and so they have become a part of our lives too. Emily's first big doll was Kirsten, that she picked out for her birthday that year, and let me tell you she has been played with.

Next came Emily for Christmas a year later. I thought it was cute how "Santa" played on the coincidence of the dolls name and our Emily. Plus Emily is Molly's best friend, and our neighbor had the Molly doll.

This year for Christmas, Santa brought the doll, Kit, for Emily. Kit is the original and first doll of the series and the first one to have a movie out.

Emily all year has asked for another doll. And I'm sure that Santa was trying to plan ahead and pay it off before Christmas so had purchased said doll months in advance. When a few weeks before Christmas, Emily announced she no longer wanted anything to do with AG dolls, and that she was tired of them and wanted to give them away.


Now if you know anything about these dolls, or their clothes, or their accessories, you will understand that they cost as much as human clothes and furniture and I'm sure you could buy a small goat for the price of one of these dolls.

Now imagine Santa's surprise at hearing this.

So, Santa braced himself for Christmas morning, to hear the disappointment and the "I didn't want that" when Emily saw her gifts from Santa.
But much to his surprise, he heard "oh my gosh, it's Kit" and ignore all her other Santa gifts for these.

Maybe sometimes we may think we are too old for something that we may still secretly wish for, but when it comes down to it, there's no hiding the joy when it's presented.

I'm sure Santa is smiling, wherever he is!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Emily and her new friend...

Emily has this year really shined in the social department. It's been really neat watching her each year develop and something new shine through. For example, one year she excelled in her speech and language skills, and another year she "got it" in the school work department. This past 6 mos have been neat to watch her shine in the socializing. She is very aware of who is friends with who, play dates, sleepovers, cliques, but along with it comes the hurt feelings, tears, "she wont play with me" days. So we have had our share of talks explaining that it's okay to have several different friends, and you don't always have to play with the same ones. Sometimes it's nice to play with someone else. It does not mean they aren't your friend anymore.

This year a new girl moved to our area and is in the learning center with Emily. They became fast friends right away and the teacher was so excited in seeing Emily come out of her shell, she couldn't stop emailing me about how cute they were together and I should really set up play dates. So with her help, we connected with the family and every weekend since, Emily and Hayden have been at one house or the other.

The other day Emily came home in tears with the saddest look on her face I was immediately concerned. And through the tears I was able to gather this profound statement she made "I couldn't play with Hayden at Recess today because she got benched for not doing her math today and I missed her soooo much that I'm heart broken." cute is that??

But seriously, my daughter, the shy, quiet, doesn't say much speech other then her comfortable words she knows, came home and said she was "heartbroken" over missing Hayden. My heart melted immediately and I grabbed her in a hug and wiped her tears, kissed her on the head and told myself I must have done something right in this world with her for her to care so much about someone.

Then, she ran to her daddy and sobbed all over again about how "heartbroken" she was, and then ran to her brother and repeated the whole story. Now, the first time was gut wrenching and oh so cute. But by the 2nd and 3rd time, it became hilarious listening to her so earnestly tell this story and her huge wide open eyes, and watching her so dramatically telling the story. DH and I couldn't contain our laughter behind our hands.

It was that very moment...that I realized the hormones and "PMS" had hit!

Well, the thought in my head was nice while it lasted.

Now I need to go pick her up from Hayden's house and their play date. :)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Eve...

New Year's Eve in our home has some standing traditions that we do. We have celebrated with our very dear friends and neighbors next door for the last 8 years and it works out great because we don't need sitters as the kids play together, no one has to drive anywhere as we just walk from home to home, and its all great memories!
We start off each year at the neighbors home with dinner and board games. This was our appetizer:
The kids all play video games or dolls and snack all night long:
Then about halfway through the night, we move to our home for the more serious drinking and more adult games like Beer Pong or Pool Table. The kids love the change of scenery and new toys/games to entertain them, and we hear no complaints. I host the dessert and midnight snacks here while we play.
And the night is never over without someone starting some kind of Baby Powder fight, beer cap flinging fight, poke each other with pool cues fight, or falling down drunk!
And then at Midnight when the bell tolls, we run outside with our noise makers and fireworks and light the sky up with sparklers.
It's usually soon afterwards that the kids start nodding off, the drunks start falling down, and we run out of chocolate, so the night usually wraps up about 1:30-2:00 am.
Then we all wake up the next morning asking ourselves "why?". LOL
I hope your New Years was just as eventful.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year 2012...

Where has the time gone? Christmas and New Years flew by, and school started back up, homework, sickness, and sports have consumed my life. I really need to get a job and have a reason to leave my home other then for doctors. I need the social interaction with ADULTS! :)

Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying my time home, and have really been able to do things I would not otherwise be able too. But I am a social butterfly. I need to meet people, talk to people, socialize. In other words, LIVE LIFE.

Did I mention that Austin is playing Rugby? Yeah, my son who has played soccer and baseball his whole life decided that this year he didn't want to play either, and surprised us by going out for Rugby. Go Figure. He didn't want to try out for Football to be the kicker, because he might get tackled, so he plays Rugby which is Football without pads! :) he loves it though. He is having the best time. I am really excited for games to start and see him in action.

Emily has had quite the time recovering from her hospital stay and new meds. Every medication comes with side effects, and she's on a few different ones that it's hard to tell which one is doing what so we can change it. So unfortunately, it becomes trial and error. I hate doing this to her. But we are hoping one of these days we find a combination that works. She has also made a new friend, and we have been busy getting to know the family and having play dates and sleepovers. her friend is "special" also, so it's quite a handful with the two together. But they get such joy from each other, it's hard saying no to them.

DH and I have been busy taking down all the Christmas decorations, getting the house back to normal, and trying to make plans for the new year. Along with a new year, comes Health Insurance decisions, Tax decisions, Deductibles, planning health care out for the year, planning finances and hating trying to second guess what the economy and the future year is going to do to us and making the adjustments. One of them being out dental insurance. Can you believe for our family of four, we were paying $150 a month for dental insurance. And that's through an employer who is paying part of it. That comes too $1800 a year for teeth cleanings. Are you kidding me? Our deductible on the insurance had us still paying $40 a cleaning out of pocket on top of that. So tell me what exactly were we paying for??? So i paid almost $2,000 a year and i only got 50% coverage? yep, dropped that coverage! Now lets hope no one cracks a tooth this year.

So 2012 is looking up for us. I mean, it has too, right? We have certainly seen our share of hard times, i mean, who am i kidding? We've seen our share of IMPOSSIBLE times, HORRENDOUS times, SAD times. So 2012 has to start off good, maintain that momentum, and end with a great promise. I'm going to do my best to remain positive, change my attitude, embrace the life I've been given, put myself first and take care of myself, and love harder. I'm going to do my best to get a good job to help carry bills, support and cheer my children on, and remain my DH's cheerleader. I'm signing Emily up for Special Olympics this month so she can join in some sports and activities, cheer Austin on at Rugby which goes for 6 months and exercise and eat healthier.

I have realized in the last few months, that my life is what I make of it. I only get one shot at this life as I am always telling my son, so I need to use my own advice and make changes to embrace it. I want to enjoy life, look forward to the tomorrow while living the today, and loving the yesterday. And only I can make that happen.

So here's to a New Year!

Happy 2012 to you and yours.