Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Girl Dolls...

Anyone who has a young daughter knows the name of these dolls and the stories behind them. And if you know about the dolls, then you know who Kit, Molly, Rebecca, Kirsten, Emily and Julie are too. And if you know who they are, then you've either read the books or watched the movies. You probably could tell me what decade each one is from too.

When Emily was turning 4 yrs old, we got her for her birthday a look alike newborn American Girl doll. Not at all realizing what an impact these dolls would have on our lives.

Then about 4 years ago, Emily REALLY got into these dolls in part because our neighbor girl (and BFF) and her BFF from school all had dolls, and so they have become a part of our lives too. Emily's first big doll was Kirsten, that she picked out for her birthday that year, and let me tell you she has been played with.

Next came Emily for Christmas a year later. I thought it was cute how "Santa" played on the coincidence of the dolls name and our Emily. Plus Emily is Molly's best friend, and our neighbor had the Molly doll.

This year for Christmas, Santa brought the doll, Kit, for Emily. Kit is the original and first doll of the series and the first one to have a movie out.

Emily all year has asked for another doll. And I'm sure that Santa was trying to plan ahead and pay it off before Christmas so had purchased said doll months in advance. When a few weeks before Christmas, Emily announced she no longer wanted anything to do with AG dolls, and that she was tired of them and wanted to give them away.


Now if you know anything about these dolls, or their clothes, or their accessories, you will understand that they cost as much as human clothes and furniture and I'm sure you could buy a small goat for the price of one of these dolls.

Now imagine Santa's surprise at hearing this.

So, Santa braced himself for Christmas morning, to hear the disappointment and the "I didn't want that" when Emily saw her gifts from Santa.
But much to his surprise, he heard "oh my gosh, it's Kit" and ignore all her other Santa gifts for these.

Maybe sometimes we may think we are too old for something that we may still secretly wish for, but when it comes down to it, there's no hiding the joy when it's presented.

I'm sure Santa is smiling, wherever he is!



Norms said...

The quality of these dolls are amazing. This is a set that we in my Family would call an Heirloom. That maybe one day she may outgrow them, but how cool it would be to pass them along in the family.
Nae is in over her head in Lala Loopsy dolls, so I understand and feel Santa's the pocketbook. :)

Leah said...

Emily Grace hasn't played with dolls in YEARS, but now that her BFF has an American Girl doll, she's got her heart set on having one as well. It's amazing the draw these dolls have on little girls!!