Saturday, January 14, 2012

Emily and her new friend...

Emily has this year really shined in the social department. It's been really neat watching her each year develop and something new shine through. For example, one year she excelled in her speech and language skills, and another year she "got it" in the school work department. This past 6 mos have been neat to watch her shine in the socializing. She is very aware of who is friends with who, play dates, sleepovers, cliques, but along with it comes the hurt feelings, tears, "she wont play with me" days. So we have had our share of talks explaining that it's okay to have several different friends, and you don't always have to play with the same ones. Sometimes it's nice to play with someone else. It does not mean they aren't your friend anymore.

This year a new girl moved to our area and is in the learning center with Emily. They became fast friends right away and the teacher was so excited in seeing Emily come out of her shell, she couldn't stop emailing me about how cute they were together and I should really set up play dates. So with her help, we connected with the family and every weekend since, Emily and Hayden have been at one house or the other.

The other day Emily came home in tears with the saddest look on her face I was immediately concerned. And through the tears I was able to gather this profound statement she made "I couldn't play with Hayden at Recess today because she got benched for not doing her math today and I missed her soooo much that I'm heart broken." cute is that??

But seriously, my daughter, the shy, quiet, doesn't say much speech other then her comfortable words she knows, came home and said she was "heartbroken" over missing Hayden. My heart melted immediately and I grabbed her in a hug and wiped her tears, kissed her on the head and told myself I must have done something right in this world with her for her to care so much about someone.

Then, she ran to her daddy and sobbed all over again about how "heartbroken" she was, and then ran to her brother and repeated the whole story. Now, the first time was gut wrenching and oh so cute. But by the 2nd and 3rd time, it became hilarious listening to her so earnestly tell this story and her huge wide open eyes, and watching her so dramatically telling the story. DH and I couldn't contain our laughter behind our hands.

It was that very moment...that I realized the hormones and "PMS" had hit!

Well, the thought in my head was nice while it lasted.

Now I need to go pick her up from Hayden's house and their play date. :)



Tooje said...

Oh. Man. I am heartbroken at the thought of pms and hormones. Good luck to you! :)

Leah said...

that's wonderful she has such a great friend, and cares so much for her! yay! (and BOO to PMS! aughhh!!! I can hardly stand the thought of that being in my future with my own Emily!)