Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Eve...

New Year's Eve in our home has some standing traditions that we do. We have celebrated with our very dear friends and neighbors next door for the last 8 years and it works out great because we don't need sitters as the kids play together, no one has to drive anywhere as we just walk from home to home, and its all great memories!
We start off each year at the neighbors home with dinner and board games. This was our appetizer:
The kids all play video games or dolls and snack all night long:
Then about halfway through the night, we move to our home for the more serious drinking and more adult games like Beer Pong or Pool Table. The kids love the change of scenery and new toys/games to entertain them, and we hear no complaints. I host the dessert and midnight snacks here while we play.
And the night is never over without someone starting some kind of Baby Powder fight, beer cap flinging fight, poke each other with pool cues fight, or falling down drunk!
And then at Midnight when the bell tolls, we run outside with our noise makers and fireworks and light the sky up with sparklers.
It's usually soon afterwards that the kids start nodding off, the drunks start falling down, and we run out of chocolate, so the night usually wraps up about 1:30-2:00 am.
Then we all wake up the next morning asking ourselves "why?". LOL
I hope your New Years was just as eventful.


Norms said...

I LOVE It!!! Yay for traditions!! LOL

Tooje said...

Ours was NOT that eventful, but maybe next year we can have some fun. :) I like hearing about traditions. Keep 'em up!

Leah said...

LOL! Happy New Year! Sounds like a blast