Friday, February 3, 2012


Has anyone heard of Rugby? Or watched a game on TV or caught a local one?

Do you know Rugby is a cross between Football and Soccer and is played on a Football field, with cleats, but with NO helmets or pads?
Did you know that Rugby is by far one of the most roughest sports in High School for injuries?

Did you playing Rugby?
Ten years! Ten year of Soccer. Ten years of Baseball. Gone. Out the window.

This year, he decided, without our knowledge, to sign up for Rugby and tried out for the team and made it. This year, he decided to not play Soccer and Baseball. He had no knowledge of what Rugby was, how to play or the rules. But a friend told him it was fun, so he signed up.

Austin is wearing a scrum cap - they get their ears smashed bad and get the "Cauliflower" ear, so this protects them.

And this shy, humble kid, who takes criticism to heart, gets his feelings hurt easily, loves hard and plays harder...LOVES it!!!

He literally LOVES Rugby! He can't stop grinning, or stop talking about it. He even got his TWO cousins to join with him. And THEY love it!
That's Austin on the bottom tackling and taking the opponent down.

I don't get it. It must be a boy thing. Because at our first tournament, I was cringing and biting my nails, even weeping behind my hand watching them get kicked in the head with cleats, stepped on with cleats, broken fingers and legs, broken noses and bloody gashes coming off the field. Asthma attacks, Paramedics, bags of ice, our tent area looked like a triage scene from a battlefield. And yet...they were all SMILING.

This group of boys are the nicest group I've ever met. They treat each other with respect, support each others games, lift up spirits, cheer each team on, share food or supplies with the ones without, protect and care about each one.

My heart swarmed.

My boy...has found his calling. Has found what has made him happy. Is having the time of his life. And he's doing it with the greatest group of kids who i know will have his back.

So although we have been to the Urgent Care twice already for cleat injuries to his hands, arms, legs and fingers...I will just make sure my health insurance is paid in full, and sit in the stands cheering my boy on. Because there isn't anything I would give to see that smile on his face.



Kaci said...

I think I would have anxiety watching a game. WTG Austin, please be careful.

Tooje said...

It would freak me out for sure! I'm concerned about my seven year old doing flag football this spring. Flag!!! Keep enjoying his enjoyment. I am so not ready for rough sports.

Leah said...

My stomach hurts at the thought of having to sit there and watch either of my boys involved in any of that. aughhh!! SO GLAD he's found something he really enjoys, though. I think it's so important!