Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas and Sammy...

They go hand in hand in our house. It's getting harder and harder to surprise hubby anymore. So I had to think long and hard and try and come up with something that he would like for Christmas that was significant, and that he would appreciate. Guys in general are hard to shop for, and then throw into the mix one who does not like to receive presents and one who has picky tastes.

So this year, a fellow redhead (Sammy fan) owns an art studio has fallen on hard times and needed to liquidate some drawings he did. And I happen to fall upon his posting and grabbed it!

I managed to get this Charcoal drawing #1 of a series of 2 for my honey:

There is only one other like it, and it is hanging in Sammy Hagar's house. :)

He was very surprised and loved it!

Now we just have to save up to get it framed, and find a wall spot to hang it among the other paintings of Sammy. I'm loving our collection! It's a collection of many stories, covering 20+ years of being a fan, traveling all over to see him, meeting him, making new friends for life and having a ball through it all. Each item we have comes with a story.

Without my hubs, there wouldn't be a story. ♥



Kaci said...

Very cool, next year you could just ya know buy a ticket for me and I could surprise him. LOL! =) HAHA!

Tooje said...

I agree that men are difficult to buy for. Isn't it a good feeling to find a great gift? :) Good work, woman!

Leah said...

great surprise! I love finding a great gift for someone. doesn't always happen, but it's awesome when it does!