Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

I am Thankful this week for:

- my wonderful husband who just gets me
- my daughter's excitement about her new school
- my son's maturity with his first job this summer
- family that accepts you as you are
- parents that never give up
- my Starbucks light vanilla frappe on Monday mornings
- a job i love and have fun at
- neighbors that look out for each other and care about my kids
- friends that don't need to talk every day to know they are there for each other, whenever, wherever
- 18yr old nephews who aren't too old to come spend the night, days before they move away for college, so we can have one last night of bonding and time with him.
- Lifetime movie channel and Hallmark movies
- my puppy dog who is always happy to see me when I walk in the door
- Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
- my plants and garden i love to tend too

What are you Thankful for?


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