Friday, August 3, 2012

Fish, More Fish and Even More Fish

On our road trip to the Ocean, Austin and I spent a day at one of the largest Aquariums ever, and they have a multi-billion dollar research facility next door with scientist that are continually entering the ocean at the spot where we were. Did you know that in Monterrey Bay, there is a Canyon under the Ocean that is Bigger, and Deeper and Wider then the Grand Canyon?? I had no idea. It was huge, and after a few hundred feet off the shore, it immediately drops into a vast openness. It is the deepest part of the Ocean and they have never actually made it all the way down. They send a robotic vessel with cameras, arms to gather samples and video.
We saw many cute and adorable sea creatures at the aquarium, as well as some scary, weird looking and down right UGLY creatures.

We saw the famous Jelly Fish exhibit and never knew there were so many varieties of Jelly fish. And I learned they are not all poisonous or sting you. There are actually only a few out of the 100 or so varieties that will harm you.
Some are really tiny.

Some are bigger then me.
We then checked out the Seahorses exhibit. I swear I never know sticks were sea horses. Really. Floating sticks (they looked like it anyways) were actual varieties of sea horses.
And then there was this tiny miniature version. So cute!
And then there was this!
And the side view where it was suctioned on the window:
I don't wanna run into that guy!

Although there was so much to see, and after awhile, one jelly fish started looking like the other, we did learn allot! It was well worth the money.


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