Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you like...

Do you like my new look? I can't believe Fall is around the corner and breathing down our necks. I always know it's on the way when Soccer starts. It's our "Fall" sport. We bundle up in blankets and gloves with Hot Chocolate to watch the games on a Windy, freezing Fall day. Football is now on every channel and teams are being picked and cheered for in every house.

School starts in the Fall too. It marks the end of Summer fun, time for learning and buckling down, and it means time for seasons to change. Holidays are around the corner and that means get the winter clothes out and make sure they fit. New Winter coats? New Warm shoes? Winter PJ's?

Fall means leaves on the trees change from Green to Orange and Red before they are blown off and down the street. Fall means Halloween decorations are in the stores and costumes call our name to "Buy Me" for Trick or Treat. Fall also means Thanksgiving. It is another holiday in Browns, Greens, Reds and Oranges. You have Turkeys in real form or decorations, corn cobs, maize, American Indians and Settlers in pictures having the first meal together.

Fall means lots of changes. In day to day routines, seasons, sports, decorations, and school. Fall also means another year is starting and we all get older. It means we have to rake leaves and pull the garden veggies out of the dirt. It means prune the last of the plants for winter and get our homes "Winterized" before the rains come. It means play as long outside as you can because you know it won't last much longer. It means pack away the vacation stuff and pull out the school backpacks. It means the street lights come on sooner and dark-thirty is here before you know it.

But Fall also brings with it a new beginning. A cleansing if you will. It washes away all traces of Heat Waves, Boredom, Water Logged, Dirt and sticky mess. Fall brings the promise of new growth, new beginnings and new hope.

It's not the end of something good, it's the start of something better.

Happy Fall!


Leah said...

I do enjoy Fall, but I feel like Summer is gone all too fast!! And I'm REALLY not ready to send TWO of my babies off to Elementary School!!!! wahhhh!!! LOL

Lisa Baldwin said...

I totally agree I love fall when the leaves on the tree change and it starts to get cool. I just loved how you said it very will put Great Post!

Kaci said...

Ya I say curse the is winter. LOL! Just kidding! With fall means Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!! Oh ya baby!

Tooj said...

It's the end of something good. I dislike anything rainy, cool, cold, snowy, gross, windy, get the drift. ;) I know lots of people love this time of year. I see it like this - the only good part about this time of year is my birthday. Ha!