Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some more Vacation stories...

So where were we? Oh yea, the waterfalls. The waterfalls led to a small river which fed into a large Lake. So after our hike and being all sweaty and icky as we were, we drove down to the lake and played for awhile.
Austin is sitting on Emily's inner tube because of the rocky bottom, but it's too small to fit over his butt, so he kinda just sat on it to keep him afloat.

At this point in the day though, the kids were hot, tired and a wee bit cranky. So really our lake time became Emily standing on the beach shore constantly whining to leave, Austin in the water waist high and complaining because the ground was so rocky it hurt his feet, and DH and I getting wet up to our knees but because of the rocks didn't want to go further out.

A boat just passed and a wave sunk Austin. He flipped on his tube and got soaked up to his neck - pretty funny!

The water was very "refreshing". That's code word for COLD! And there was a lot of boats and jet ski's around making a ton of waves that if you were swimming, you would have been pulled out and pushed much farther down. So we were all a little wary about getting too far out.
These two ninnies wouldn't go in. DH finally did after ribbing him, but never could get Emily in.

But it was nice to sit and enjoy the view and dunk our tired feet for awhile.

So of course, after not being able to swim in the lake, we all drove back to the ranch and swam in the pool for several hours. Kids are so funny. You can stick them in a pool and that's their whole vacation! Their happy, little lambs!

I did get to lay out for about a whole 15 minutes before I had whining children saying "I'm so hungry, I wanna eat, I'm bored, What can we do, MOM...can you hear me? I'm hungry!" Ugh...it just never ends, does it?

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Kaci said...

LOL! Of course...pools are so much more sanitary! :) I'm not a germaphob...shut up.