Monday, August 17, 2009

Last One...

So this is the last Vacation recap. At least for this trip. On the very last day on the ranch, while Austin and I were on our horseback riding trip, Daddy took Emily fishing at the pond.

Now normally, she would not go near anything unpredictable like fish, or animals for that matter. She hates trying something new. She seldom will venture out in an unfamiliar setting to try something. But when it comes to fishing...she loves it! Daddy took her fishing last summer too. And she had a blast. She caught some which they got to eat. We have pictures of her holding it up and smiling ear to ear. Isn't it funny how when you least expect it, these kids surprise us.

So when daddy suggested they go fishing while they wait for us, she jumped at the chance. Plus I think she liked the alone time with Daddy.
Look at her working that fishing pole like a pro!

Now I wasn't there, but DH reports that she had a blast and did it all by herself. And let me tell you...when we came around the end of the trail on the horses, we could hear her screaming all the way across the way "MOMMY...I caught a fish!!!"
Just look at that fish! And you see that brown/red thing hanging above the fish (kinda blurry thing)? That's the worm the poor fish never even got! LOL

And she ran from the pond to the trail to shout up to me..."I caught 10 fish all by myself!" She was just a little proud.

Way to go, Emily, Way to go!!