Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you hear the music...

So last night I got to go to the Nickelback concert! It was so awesome! Saving Abel, Hinder and Papa Roach opened for them. And man...what a show! Now DH and I go to allot of concerts. It's just our thing we do. We don't go to fancy restaurants, and all our spare time is with our kids involved in their sports. So we make a point to do something just for us!
Nickelback taking the stage!

Well, DH hasn't been feeling too well, so he had to cancel on me on short notice. But don't worry...I had the most handsome gentleman escort me and be my date!
My Handsome date, Austin and I at the concert.

Austin has been a huge Nickelback fan for years too. And he worked so hard right next to me and the guys all weekend tearing out our whole front yard planter and redoing it with all new plants and a new tree in 100+ weather. So I asked him if he would like dad's ticket and go with me. And let me say...I have never seen someone grin so fast, so big in all my life. I was going to pay him for his help outside anyways, but this seemed way too cool now.

So off we went. He's been to a Sammy concert with us a few years back. But he was still kinda young to really see/hear/enjoy all of it. He loved Sammy music, but the whole in person thing went right above his head. So this time, he couldn't stop asking questions about what we were going to see and do and go.
Lead Singer, Chad Kroeger singing.

Our tickets included dinner so we grabbed our food and ran to our seats. He couldn't quite absorb it all but did a great job. We sang and danced and had a great time. And the best part...no whining! I got him a poster and it's already hanging on his wall.

Now I just have to gear up for the next concert on Thursday...Def Leopard, Poison and Cheap trick! Should be fun.


Leah said...

wow, fun-filled week for you!

Kaci said...

Way Cool Mom points fo shiz!! So jealous...

Lisa Baldwin said...

What a great night sounds like you guys had an AWESOME time! Great picture of you and Austin together.

Tooj said...

How fun that you two went together. :) This is definitely something Hubs will/might do with our boys. He definitely appreciates the live music thing more than me.