Thursday, June 11, 2009

Send Help...

Today is the Last Day of School!!!

There is good and bad to this...So lets see:
*I can sleep in and not have to get up to carpool kids to school.
*Kids at School means I have quiet time to work from home on computer.
*Working from home means kids now home when I am.
*Kids home while I am working = not much work done?
*Kids sleeping in means less cranky kids!
*Kids sleeping a lot means bored kids.
*Bored kids means whining.
*Whining means fights.
*Fights mean trouble.
*Trouble means time away from working.

*Kids home while I am working means Cuddles.
*Cuddles means kisses.
*Kisses means hugs.
*Hugs energize to finish work.
*Work gets completed.
*Boss Happy.

I have always worked Full time since my babies were born. And other then having a month or two off here and there over the years for medical reason, I have never been able to be HOME with them. It has been my dream. So this is my first summer of being able to be here 90% of the week with them. They are much older now then when I first pictured myself being able to stay home with them, but at least they are independent now. And some would say these are the important years to be home, as a pre-teen needs to know a parent is there and KNOWS everything!
I am having a hard time realizing my Baby Boy I fought so hard for is now going to be an 8th grader. Seriously - where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were visiting our tiny bundle of joy in the NICU and praying he would come home soon and be alright. And Emily...a 3rd Grader??? She reminds me every day as she is so excited! There was once a day we thought she may never go to school.

I am very proud of my kiddos - and am looking forward to spending some time with them.


Kaci said...

Ya that's awesome Cindy! Enjoy your time with them this summer! XOXO

Tooj said...

Enjoy your time....and know, please, I am sincerely jealous. You have no idea, well...actually, yes you much I'd love to be at home with mine as well. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! (and good luck)

Leah said...

Enjoy this summer! It might not all go as smoothly as one could hope, but I will guarantee it'll go by much faster than you want it to