Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation Time...

Another one bit the dust...that makes two down and 6 more to go!
My Niece, Stephanie, Graduated from High School last night. Which also happens to be my old Alma Mater. Yep...I graduated from the same High School my Niece and Nephew have. What's really that there are still a few of the same teachers there. Eek!

It was a great ceremony, and she looked lovely! Of course!
We are so proud of you, Stephanie!

I am so going to miss her this summer. She is going to Florida for the 6 weeks to see relatives and hang out. It's great for her, but she better come home! ;o)
My Brother and Sis-n-Law also have a foster child with them, and he also graduated last night with Stephanie. They actually are best friends, and have been all through high school. And when a situation came up and he needed a place to live, they took him in willingly! He's a great kid. And worked his butt off to graduate with his class. Way to go, David!

I'm not going to say how many years it's been since I graduated from that school, nor will I acknowledge that it has been that long. But it sure seems like yesterday and I miss the good times we had. Thanks to Facebook, I've reconnected with a lot of friends from there.

Have you connected with your High School Friends?


Leah said...

I'm pretty much not in touch with ANYONE I graduated with... My current friends are fellow preschool and elementary moms! ha!

congrats to Stephanie on her graduation... funny you mentioned teachers that were still around. I had a teacher in middle that both my parents had had as their high school teacher, and there are at least two teachers at Emily's elementary school that were there when I was a student... CRAZY!

Kaci said...

I've kept in touch with just Kory. :( I used to keep in contact with more but life just happens I guess.

Tooj said...

The ones I am in contact with now are the ones I've been in contact with SINCE we left. For the most part....a couple had spurts where we didn't chat, but always picked up like always. Congrats to your niece and foster nephew!! I love hearing stories like that. It's what I want to do if any of my children's friends need a place to be. I want to be THAT place. All kids need THAT place.