Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It is time for...

This is the part where I totally throw myself under the bus and confess to all my wordly sins for the past week, which I may or may not have said or done. Come along and play with me...

*I will confess to really, truly hating to clean house. But it feels so good when it's done.

*I did have so much fun with my nephews this weekend, and realized how quiet my house is with only 2 kids in it versus 4. Is it wrong to like that?

*I absolutely did not bake Chocolate Brownies with icing on Saturday night at 10pm for all the kids, and proceed to cut myself a piece and divulge myself in it.

*During Austin's Baseball game on Saturday night, when he injured himself and had to be pulled from pitching with tears streaming down his face, I just may have felt the need to climb the chain link fence to get to my baby and find out what was wrong and make it better. But the little boy's voice in my head rolling his eyes saying "MOM - get out of here!" stopped me.

*But i did ask the coach through the fence if he was alright.

*And when that same BIG boy came to me this weekend with another migraine and tears in his eyes, I DID tuck him into my bed and bring him medicine and shoosh all the kids away from him so he could take a nap to sleep it off.

*I am amazed at how close Emily and her cousin are (even tho he's a boy) and how much fun they have together. I love hearing the giggles from them.

*Sunday we took all the kids to a local Water Park and let them run through all the water toys and run some energy off, and I may or may not of had thoughts that life was so unfair that we did not have these parks growing up and I wanted to run through them too!

*And I did not climb into bed after the nephews left Sunday and take a nap. Nope...not I!

*After the kids left for school Monday, I had all the windows open with a nice breeze blowing, and I did not at all relish in the quietness of the house with the birds chirping.

*And I may have felt sadness when I realized there are only 2 games left of Baseball and then one week of Tourneys and we are done.

*And I am secretly hoping Austin will come back next year and play again because I so enjoy watching him play. He feels he is too old now and just wants to come back to Umpire.

*I am feeling slightly anxious about Soccer starting up. We will have a new coach this year, and well...it will be different.

*I have really enjoyed spending time with DH this weekend. He helped me so much all weekend and made me laugh.

*And I may or may not be Super Excited about this Friday's release date of the new Chickenfoot CD!!! So much so that I am going into work late so I can stop and buy it before they are sold out.


Tooj said...

Help me out. What kind of music does this Chickenfoot you speak of play? I heard they/he/she/it will be guests on Conan's late show week....his first week. On Friday, I think.

Leah said...

baseball is for life! What does he mean he's too old??? He can do it through school all the way until he graduates, he can play in college, and he can possibly play semi-pro or pro...

Leah said...

PS As much as I love Grace, by the end of a Thursday, I'm HAPPY to send her back home to her own parents, so I hear you on being happy the nephews are gone. Doesn't mean you don't love them or that you didn't enjoy your time with them. Just means you like your normal routine better!