Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can I NOW worry???

Phone Call this morning went something like this:

Caller: Is this Austin's Mom?
Me: Yes it is
Caller: I'm from Dr. so & so's office and I'm calling about Austin's Orthopedic Appointment with us for his arm.
Me: (heart skipping a beat) Yes? I already made my appt. yesterday.
Caller: Yes I am aware we have an appt. set for 2 weeks, but the Ortho Dr. reviewed your son's case and saw his Xrays, and he would like to see your son right away. Can you come in this week?
Me: (Gulp) Umm..yes...
Caller: The Dr. will be in the office on Thursday, can you come in?
Me: (heart now pounding) Umm...yes...No...Wait...that's the last day of school. You see they sign Yearbooks and have a party...can we do another day.
Caller: (pause) The Dr. would like to see your son this week.
Me: (mind mentally flipping thru our schedule) And he does not have any other days or times open?
Caller: No, we'll see you Thursday! Good Bye

Ok - He "reviewed" his file and NOW wants to see him right away???

Can I now be WORRIED????


Kaci said...

Maybe he wants to give you a award? Ohooo or maybe your getting on a reality tv show and they have to throw you off so they had a producer say they're from Doctors office...and to come on Thursday? Are you getting on What Not to Wear? Not that your clothes are bad but if you are I so will go shopping with you in New York. OOOOOoo can I have $2500...we can split it! God knows I need fashion help. Or maybe it's a trick to see how much they can freak you out? You are known to do a freak out...a lot. That's one of your quirks I so love.


Tooj said...

Just think of it this way...they want to get his arm fixed sooner rather than later. Some breaks/tears/etc. are worse than others if left alone too long. Nothing to stress over, otherwise they'd have asked you to come to emergency surgery. :)

Korndog said...

Try not to stress about it, it won't help. I know, easier said than done. I hope everything is okay.

Leah said...

How did it go??