Monday, June 22, 2009

It is time for...

Hello! Time to unabashedly share with the world what a perfect person I am by letting you know all of the things that I did or didn't do this past week. I will invite you all to join me at the end of this post! So, with almost full disclosure, I present to you, my week:

*I secretly had much pleasure in making DH's Father's day gift all last week. Each day as he left for work, I would haul out my Scrapbooking supplies and work on a Mini Card Album and put it all away each afternoon before he got home. Two days it took and finally...the result was awesome! (I will post pics soon)

*I have been following the Jon & Kate + 8 story for days now. I have been hooked on that show since day one. And I have been on pins and needles hoping it wouldn't end the way it seemed to be going...and Monday night it crashed landed. The announcement! Whaa...

*I am very excited and pleased with Emily for learning how to ride her bike this weekend! It was so exciting to see her riding her bike all by herself this weekend and the huge smile on her face that never left. At bedtime her begging to go back out in the morning. Awesome!

*I may have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house when Austin left to Grandmas for the night and we had alone time with Emily. She rented a video game (she never gets too because brother gets them all) and Daddy played with her all night. It was great listening to her singing to the Hannah Montana songs from the game.

*And when I got home from scrapbooking club late Saturday night and my boy was waiting for me at the garage door, I absolutely felt my heart light up seeing that grin and feel those arms around me.

*And I may or may not have felt excitement and pleasure in waking the kids on Fathers Day and letting them take Daddy their presents and seeing Daddy's face when he opened them.

*And I did feel an extra ounce of pride and comfort in knowing how very lucky we are to have this family, through thick or thin.

*I did enjoy myself at the family BBQ at my parents house for Fathers Day and love spending time with all the families. Love makes the world go round!

*I may not have been ready for Monday to roll around, but was glad it did at the end of the day when I realized how much I got accomplished! Weeded my garden, planted some more veggies, fertilized, playroom cleaned and organized, threw out a ton of TRASH from the said room, fed everyone and had time to play!

*I just may have been more excited then Emily that summer school started today. The nice break of separating fighting children gives me 4 hours to get stuff done every day now.

*I may have eaten a half bag of sunflower seeds Monday Night watching "My Bloody Valentine". I have never seen it, not a big fan of scary movies. But DH insisted we watch it and really wasn't all that.

*And Last but not Least - I really am having a hard time with my son going into 8th grade and being eye to eye with me in height now. I think I will cry the day his voice starts to change.

Now that I have told on myself, I invite you to join in the fun and indulge in some secrets that you may or may not have done this past week...


Anonymous said...

I may or may not have enjoyed reading your list since I've been to lazy to write mine up! ;)

Leah said...

I did not let my kid skip an hour of school yesterday to get her hair cut (hey, it was for a good cause, right?)

I did not send her to school with a clearly snuffly nose and mild cough

I did not do a little happy dance this morning knowing two more windows were going in! Yahooooo!!!

congrats again on Emily riding on 2 wheels! My Em hasn't been on much since she learned. Hopefully she hasn't forgotten already. Life just go extremely busy in the time-frame after she learned.

Kaci said...

I was sooooo sad to see J&K get divorced. I'm so saaad.