Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

Thoughts become Words,
Words become Action,
Action becomes Habits,
Habits become Character,
Character is Everything!



Tooj said...

The question I have for this quote....(it's a question I've sat on in regards to something else I read, but the quote fits nicely with my train of thought) what point in this transition to character should we be judged? Some of the actions will be's human nature, right? So are we judged on the whole of our parts or are we judged at each particular step along the way? I think this will be a blog post for me, FYI.

Betsy said...

yet another good one! I look forward to your Friday quotes. That "little things" one I used in a friend's birthday card, apparently made her cry, which wouldn't have been so bad except that I left the gift for her at work to find when she arrived for her shift. *grin*

Leah said...

well, Cindy, one of these days, when I log in to my friend's blog to help her redecorate things, I'll also then remember to sign back out again before leaving comments.... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! "Betsy" was actually ME

Cindy Lou Who said...

Tooj - You ask some great questions. I think Society makes us "judge" at each step of the process. With Press everywhere, You are constantly being judged for what you wear, what you eat, what you say. But it is also up to us as a society to change that way of thinking. By teaching our Children to be above that. That we are all equal, in different ways. And being Different is not a bad thing. So not to "Judge" them for it.

There are a lot of angles with this Quote you could take the discussion. And that is why I do the Friday Quotes. I want to make you think. Make you feel. Make you ponder your own life and how it can be changed. Thanks for participating and commenting and I can't wait to read about it on your blog!

Leah - You are so sweet and I am very blessed to have you as my "internet friend". Betsy or Leah are more then welcome to comment. And I am very glad to see that another lovely quote/poem brought joy to someone's life! It is for that reason that I will continue to scour for those Quotes that I hope will make a difference in the world! ;o)