Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It is time for...

*I may have banged my head and sang my heart out in my car when no one was looking as I listened to the new Chickenfoot CD on my lunch hour.

*I did not wish the school carnival would get over faster so I could get home and start our party!

*And I just may have cringed inside and rolled my eyes when I saw my children come around the corner of the school carrying mile high snow cones covered in Red, Purple and Orange syrup just as we were leaving and taking it in my car!

*I may have also drank a lot...

*But I did not have a hangover...

*I was disappointed that Austin did not get to play in his game on Saturday because of his arm.

*I do love my child with endless devotion and love, but if I hear one more time about the AG doll and the doll fairy I am going to scream.

*I was feeling sentimental Sunday at my nieces Graduation Party as I realized that they are now the age I wish I was.

*And I may have been upset with myself as I took Austin to the Doctors Monday for his arm, and the said Doctor gave me "the look" and asked why I waited so long to bring him in??? When I explained I thought it was muscular and there was nothing that could be done, I was then told it was more serious and needed prompt attention. Can you say "Bad Mom"?

*And I am definitely bummed for Austin and myself that he could not finish out the Baseball season, our first time ever in 9 years...and he will have to sit out the Tournament week.


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Tooj said...

What happened to his arm??? Do I need to scroll back for that? Snow cones...gotta let them indulge, right? Did they get in and out clean, or was a spill? And no hangover? GOOD WORK.