Thursday, June 25, 2009

Question time...

I just love my Blogger Friends...and I wanna know more. So I am going to start a game as you will. I will ask a question (I will try and do this daily, but it may be randomly) of something we can all learn from you, and I will also post my answer to it. If there is something you would like to know about me or a question you want me to post, leave me a comment with it on there. I can't wait to read all the different answers...Play along with me and we will all find something out that is new.

*How did you meet your significant other?

I met my DH back in 1991. I was a Senior in High School (he is older then me) and it was Senior Cut day which was 2 days before Graduation. A carload of us girls went to the local lake to hang out and party. We had been there a few hours and suddenly a couple of boats pulled up and beached next to us. They were full of all guys. Cute guys. And we wanted a ride on the boats, so we flirted like crazy and not one of them would come over to talk to us. So when a few of them started playing Frisbee and it landed over by me, I grabbed it and refused to throw it back until they came to talk to us. Well, they did, and we talked for hours. We never got that boat ride, but DH managed to get my Phone Number from my cousin and called me a few days later. We went on a double date and have been inseparable ever since. And it turns out, one of the boats was his! So I did get a ride in the end! LOL

Now...start fessing up...I wanna hear your story!


Tooj said...

Good for you for not throwing back the frisbee! Silly boys. Park next to girls and IGNORE them? HA!

My hubby and I figuratively danced around one another and circles of friends for awhile. It was the year after I graduated college and I was busy working full time and hanging full time. :) That means I was out...a LOT. So was he. One night, we finally "met" because a friend of mine was a cousin of his and we just realized it. He got my number but didn't call for like a MONTH. And when he did, he wasn't sure who this girl in his phone WAS. LOL We talked and I gave him hell for calling me and forgetting my name with my face, but we ended up meeting once we described WHO we were. Come to find out he'd told his best buddy months ago that he was going to date me (before we'd ever spoken a word) and sure enough...he won that bet.

Korndog said...

My DH and I met in a bar on March 4th, 2006. I saw him there and noticed how cute he was but I always swore I'd never pick up a guy in a bar. But then I saw him talking to a long time friend of mine so I decided it would be okay to say hi. I went over and introduced myself and we've been together ever since. Our mutual friend that he was with that night also met a girl that night and they're now married with a baby as well. :o)

Leah said...

Dan and I attended the same high school, but he was one grade behind me. He and my brother were acquaintances, so I knew who he was, but he had a girl friend and I had other love interests that I was persuing (uninterested ones, I might add...LOL!!). One year after I graduated, I was was driving three kids that I was babysitting around in my car and we stopped to get gas. Dan pulled in driving his muscle car, which the kids thought was pretty cool, and they asked if I knew him. I told them his name, and the next thing I knew, they were screaming, "HIIIIIIIIIII DAN!!!!!" out the open windows. So then he came over and talked to me while our cars filled up, and ended up inviting me to a party he was attending that night. I had other plans, but said I'd try to stop by later in the night. I showed up around 12:30am and we sat in the corner and visited until about 3am, at which point, I discovered, he was supposed to be at work at 5am! He'd stayed WAY later at the party, hoping I would show up. How stinkin' sweet is that? The rest is history