Thursday, June 18, 2009

It happened already...

It's official! It is Day #6 that my Children have been out of school and they have already hit the "I'm so BORED" stage and fighting like cats and dogs! *sigh* I really thought I would of had more time before they hit this stage. I was PRAYING that I would get a few more weeks out of them before it hit. I'm off today, so I'm going to try and get them out of the house for awhile. It's suppose to be 96 degrees out, so maybe a picnic to the water park.

The kids and I took Toby to the Dog Park last night. He was so cute. It was like a kid on Christmas morning. We took him once before, but he was still young and really scared the whole time. He wouldn't leave our side the whole visit and would run away from other dogs. This time...we couldn't get him to come to us. He was running after every FEMALE dog he could find. It was so funny. He got a pretty big crush on this white dog (He's all black with a little brown, so it was like Salt & Pepper). And when she left with her owner, he just walked around totally lost and feeling sad. He then walked to the gate to get out (which was on the other side of the park from us) and just sat in front of it looking out. So we took the cue and left. Totally adorable!

The dog park is in the same parking lot as the Baseball fields we play at. And it was pretty sad to look across and see the fields and not see the lights on, stands crowded with families, friends we've known for years, and kids we've watch grow. The fields and snack bar area were dark and dismal with the absence of kids. My heart really was breaking...even when Austin pipes up and says well...wont be going back there again. *waahhh...cry....* Just kick your momma while she's down Austin, way to go!

Well, Father's Day is this weekend. We're having a big Family BBQ at my parents house. Still have to finalize DH's gift tomorrow, its almost done. What are your plans for Father's Day?


Tooj said...

Oh the days of summer and being bored. It used to feel like an eon...those summers. I loved them though. For the most part. Except when I had to deal with my older brother. And sorry about Austin kickin' ya...I'm sure that hurt. :( Enjoy Dad's Day - I think we're grilling at our house and inviting my dad up instead of going to his place for a change.

Anonymous said...

We are having our fair share of fights here too! Sounds like a fabulous weekend, enjoy!

Kaci said...

Uh oh! DOn't make Aunt Kaci come out there and kick some ass!! :) XOXO

Father's Day we plan on breakfast at Einstein' me some bagels.

Leah said...

poor Toby lost his girl friend... LOL

too bad about kids bickering. Mine do that on a daily basis, school in session or not!