Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8th Grade Graduation...

Well, technically they call it "8th grade Promotion". Apparently some parents got their pants in a bunch because they said it took away from the specialness and unique ceremony you go through from High School. Whatever! It's freaking Graduation! You are leaving one school for another...just like High School for College.

Where was I? Oh yes, so Austin graduated and believe it or not, I held my tears! My eyes got really watery, but I'm blaming the pollen for that and that's my story! ;o)
That's Austin in the Maroon shirt and tie.

He looked so handsome that morning. They all dressed up and he even put his contacts on for the special day. Watching them walk down the aisle, be still my heart, was very emotional.
They stood up and turned to "Thank the parent's" for getting them this far. The girl on the right looking at me and smiling is my BFF's daughter.

They did a great job with speakers, awards and presentations. And then cut to the chase of handing out the "certificates" to the grads. Austin HATES having his picture taken by ME! So he refused to look at me...little brat! So thankfully there was a professional photographer there and I bought one of theirs where he was looking at the camera for THEM.
Accepting his Certificate from his Favorite Math Teacher.
Posing for the Prof. Photographer...

My very bestest friend that I went to high school with, daughter goes to school with Austin. So we made them stand together for a picture. Funny. These two have known each since birth, been to each others birthdays, holidays, BBQ's, swimming, you name, they've done it. But THIS YEAR...hormones kicked in. For both. And now they want nothing to do with each other, especially in front of US, parentals. You would have thought we stabbed them with metal forks and tortured them for hours to get that picture.
Austin already ripped his tie off and untucked, but it's still a nice pic...

Maybe it has something to do with my comment of "oh just smile, we've already planned your wedding to each other and the in-laws are getting together every holiday whether your there or not" right before i clicked the pic. :o)

After the ceremony, we took Austin to his favorite Ice Cream Parlor for the biggest sundae you've ever seen!

That night, one of his friends had a BBQ/swim party at his house and invited the entire 8th Grade! Austin was so excited, this was his first boy/girl party. And it was a "swim party", which meant girls in bikini's!

I really have no idea where this girl crazy behavior came from. It literally happened overnight. I'll have to explain that deeper in another post, where I might need counseling after the fact.

So when I dropped him off, I went inside to meet the parents and make sure an adult was going to be present and you would have thought I was showing Austin's naked baby pictures around from how embarrassed he was. There must have been over 20 girls there and just as many guys. The party was going from 6pm - to whenever...but since it was a weeknight/worknight, i told Austin 10pm...

He had a blast! He told me all about the "digits" he got from girls and how fun it was.

I'm glad he ended the year with a positive spin. I hope this helps him start off High School on a good note.

Now...if only I could turn back the clock...


Tooj said...

Oh, wow....off to high school. What a huge, huge step. I don't envy you. I don't know HOW I'll handle that when the time comes.

As for the girl crazy behavior....WITH YOU. Except it's the stepson, and it was 6th grade this year. SIXTH!!! Granted, I recall being boy crazy in 6th grade, but that was different. LOL He goes everywhere with this particular ball cap, and he's got his shades on half the time...always bugging us about keeping his hair cut. It's soooooooooooo annoying. Ugh.

Congrats on the graduation though! LOL

Kaci said...

Wow high school...wow! I think I might cry.

Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.................................................................