Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where has the time gone?

With my computer out of commission, kids home from school, field trips and projects, transitioning at home to DH's being home, it's been a crazy few weeks.

Looking forward to getting away.

My BFF from High School is kidnapping me and my kids! And she got DH to agree to it. I don't know how she did it, but I'm no complaining. So next weekend, us girls are taking off with our kids for Disneyland!!!

They don't know yet. Gonna surprise them.

Load up in the car and's about an 8 hour drive. But if she lets me drive, I'll have us there in 6! No joke, I've made it in 6 before. :o)

You see, I have this thing with this particular mouse. Must be the big ears. But I'm in love! So I tend to wanna get there ASAP! That, and the less time I'm locked in a car with kids the better. It will be us two and 5 kids!

I can't wait! 4 days on our own!

And the best cousin found out I'm coming, and he's leaving town and needs a house we don't have to pay for a hotel!!! He's 10 mins. from D-land! And 10 mins. from the Beach!

And he has a pool!!!

Could this get any better? I think not!


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Tooje said...

Okay, I'm so jealous. An 8 hour (at most) drive to Disneyland, free lodging, with a pool....a beach and a theme park.

Not fair.

At all.