Sunday, May 24, 2009

Did you all just see that?

It was super fast, and really sneaky. But I felt it. So I know it happened. I didn't imagine it. Couldn't have dreamt it, nor could it be a fantasy. It really, honest to gosh happened.

*My Son snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around me in what I almost took as a hug and whispered "I love you" in my ear.*

Now that the rumor has been dealt with...back to business.

Memorial Weekend is upon us. But in the hustle and bustle of making plans for camping, road trips, bbq's, family reunions, weddings or swim parties, the real meaning of the holiday gets lost.

I come from a military life. My Grandfather, my Father, my Brother and my Nephew have all served this fine country we all live in. More wars then I can list, more time overseas then I have fingers. Pride and Honor run really deep in our veins. And I have never been more proud of my family. They sacrificed for us. They lost time they will never get back. Time away from their spouses, children, careers, parents and friends. Most of them have lost friends right in front of them. Others learned new skills and trained so in time when their country needed them, they would be ready. Memorial Day is a day for this country to remember and memorialize those that served but did not make it home. To Honor the ones who did, and to Cherish the ones who came back wounded.

I have the freedom today to choose where I want to work, to choose how many kids I want, to earn a fair living, to have housing and a vehicle to drive. Schools to educate, Government that is ever changing to fit the needs of our country. I have the privilege to walk down the street and feel safe.

And I have all this because of the Men and Women who fought for it.

To all of them, I take my hat off to you, and say "Thank You"
Happy Memorial Day...

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Tooj said...

For as long as I can remember, my father's family goes to the cemetery where my grandfather is buried and we watch the ceremony they have. My grandfather returned from WWII, but each year I think of those who didn't. The ceremony is short and to the point, but each year I couldn't imagine NOT being there.