Wednesday, May 20, 2009

O - M - Gosh....

So I've mentioned on here a time or two before how much of a Sammy Hagar Fan (Stalker) DH and I are. LOL - We really love him. It is our time we take for ourselves to have fun and be carefree. We see him a couple of times a year. We don't have "Date Nights" or go to restaurants every week. No movie theaters for us, no high priced clothing lines, no frivolous shopping. Just Sammy Hagar!

DH and I have traveled to Cabo San Lucas, MX. twice to see him and his club there, and we travel to his other club that is 2 hours away to see him several times a year. He also just happens to live 2 hours from me on the coast. And we have seen him several times in his hometown there. DH even saw him in Chicago before he met me. We have been on-stage with Sammy five times. It is an experience like no other and I highly recommend if you get a chance to do it!

We have seen Sammy when he played with Van Halen. When he went Solo, when he played with the Wabos, and now...we have seen him with his "Supergroup" he started with fellow musicians. And at every show, I say he gets better. But this new group...the energy...the vibe...the cosmic flow is everywhere! And it was AWESOME!

Sammy Hagar (Singer), Michael Anthony (Bass/Van Halen), Joe Satriani (Guitar Virtuoso) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer) make up this SuperGroup. The radio stations are calling them the next bigger thing then Led Zepplin and Van Halen. Their first song released is already a chart topper. The Road Show rehearsal concerts (5 total) sold out in 2 minutes. The Europe tour that lasts 6 weeks sold out in 10 minutes. This fall, they are doing a US tour. And it too will sell out. Because they ROCK! They are AWESOME! Yes, they are that good!

We have waited...a long time...for this moment in time to happen. And we knew it would. We knew Sammy would get the accreditation he deserved. That his moment to shine would come. Not the whole aftermath of VH, the slandering those VH brothers tried to do, nothing was going to touch this.

And by some grace of god...our friends and us got 6 tickets to Sunday's show in San Francisco. Only 1000 tickets, small club venue, and we scored! We drove 2+ hours to get there, stood in line for 3+ hours, lost 15 lbs in sweat (i wish), and it was PRICELESS!

Best freakin show of our lives! Amazing! I have no words to describe it. I have dreamt of it, still dreaming of it. I wish I had pictures to share, but no cameras allowed. But...they filmed a video during our show, and we are on it!!!! We got right up front of the stage...and we rocked! All night!

Thank you DH for allowing us to have these moments. For making them special by being there with me. For sharing in the memories. I wouldn't want it any other way. I love you!


Kaci said...

You're such a freak. LOL! A good freak. Now if it was JT or NKOTB...I'm kidding! Oooo but score Aerosmith will be in Cleveland...come over for that! He's so delicious!

Leah said...

Glad you had a great time!