Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday Quote...

*The Little Things*

It really is the little things
That mean the most of all...
The "let me help you with that" things
That may seem very small
The "I'll be glad to do it" things
That make your cares much lighter,
The "laugh with me, it's funny" things
That make your outlook brighter...

The "never mind the trouble" things,
The "yes, I understand,"
The interest and encouragement
In everything you've planned
It really is the little things,
The friendly word or smile,
That add such happiness to life
And make it more worth while.

~Mary Dawson Hughes


Tooj said...

I think everyone needs more of this one:

The "laugh with me, it's funny" things

Life is so much better when you can laugh at things. Happy Friday.

Leah said...

I'm totally using that poem in a birthday card I'm making for a friend today!

PS And I see you used the banner! I wasn't sure you'd like it...

Lisa Baldwin said...

I loved that how true is that... just a smile from some stranger can make your day so much better!